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Low operating costs due to low energy consumption

Whether in the chemical industry, the textile industry, the automotive industry, in mechanical and plant engineering, or in food and beverage, compressed air is an important component in industrial production. Both the quality of the compressed air (which can be influenced by impurities such as dust, oil, or moisture) and the quality of the pipe system that directs the air to where it is needed are important for compressed air to be used as an effective energy source.

With aquatherm blue pipe you get a piping system that guarantees safe operation of your compressed air systems for decades. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, aquatherm blue pipe features high pressure strength. In addition, thanks to its low weight compared to metallic pipe systems, the product can also be easily installed in a ceiling-mounted compressed air installation in a plant with a high roof. Corrosion-resistant aquatherm pipe can even be used for non-treated, oily compressed air.

The secure, cohesive connection of the pipes, which is created by heat fusion, prevents the escape of compressed air. As a result, energy consumption and operating costs can be minimized.

Product benefits

aquatherm blue pipe


  • high temperature resistance

  • high pressure capacity

  • corrosion resistant

  • chemical resistant

  • lower weight than metallic materials


aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by heat fusion, which creates a homogeneous, cohesive unit with no leak paths. Heat fusion connections are stronger than the pipe itself, providing lasting safety at these critical points of a piping system. A properly executed aquatherm fusion creates a permanent leakproof connection.

Depending on the dimensions of the pipe, socket fusion or butt fusion is used.

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