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Hygienic transportation for drinking water

Potable water piping is strictly regulated with good reason: we use potable water throughout the day, every day. But even the strictest quality controls are useless if the water must flow through old, corroded pipes before it comes out of the tap. During their service life, metal piping systems can contaminate drinking water with heavy metals, and rust is not uncommon as pipes age.

aquatherm products deliver a solution: excellent drinking water quality that is permanently maintained with our hygienic piping systems aquatherm green pipe (polypropylene pipe) and aquatherm grey pipe (multilayer metal composite pipe). Both products are not only corrosion-resistant but physiologically and microbiologically safe, and add no odours or taste to the water flowing through them. Their technical suitability and performance have been proven worldwide for decades.

aquatherm green pipe is suitable for all drinking water installations: residential connection stations, cold water distribution, boiler connections, and hot water distributors via risers, with conventional floor outlet or floor distribution up to the extraction point. It can be flush-mounted or wall mounted. Thanks to heat fusion, a cohesive and permanent leakproof connection is created between the aquatherm pipe and fittings throughout the water-delivery system.

aquatherm grey pipe can be used for drinking water installations or radiator connections. It is connected using sliding sleeve technology, which offers significant advantages for flexible floor connections.

Product benefits

aquatherm green pipe

  • corrosion resistant

  • suitable for potable water

  • environmentally friendly

  • heat / sound insulating properties

  • high stability

  • easy processing

Product benefits

aquatherm grey pipe


  • safe and tested connection technology

  • fast installation

  • oxygen-tight

  • pressure- and temperature-resistant

  • no corrosion or incrustation

  • suitable for any water quality



aquatherm green pipe



aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by heat fusion, which creates a homogeneous, cohesive unit with no leak paths. Heat fusion connections are stronger than the pipe itself, providing lasting safety at these critical points of a piping system. A properly executed aquatherm fusion creates a permanent leakproof connection.

Depending on the dimensions of the pipe, socket fusion, butt fusion or electrofusion is used.

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