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Hygienic packaging for Drinking water

There are no stricter quality controls for any food than for drinking water. Rightly so, because we have no more contact with any food – in many areas from morning to night. But the strictest quality controls are of no use if the water has to flow through outdated and dilapidated pipes before it runs out of the tap. Metal piping systems in particular can release heavy metals that are problematic to health into the drinking water over their service life, and rust is also not uncommon over the years. aquatherm products provide a remedy here: The drinking water quality is permanently maintained with our hygienically perfect and odorless and tasteless pipe systems aquatherm green pipe (polypropylene pipe) and aquatherm gray pipe (multi-layer metal composite pipe). Both products are not only corrosion-resistant, but physiologically and microbiologically harmless and have proven their technical suitability in decades of worldwide use.

aquatherm green pipe offers all installation options in the drinking water area: from the house connection station, the cold water distribution, the boiler connection and the hot water distributor via the risers with conventional floor outlet or floor distribution in the connection process up to the last extraction point as flush-mounted installation or pre-wall installation. Thanks to heat fusion, a cohesive and thus permanently tight connection is created between pipes and fittings.

aquatherm grey pipe can be used variably for drinking water installation. The connection is made using the sliding sleeve technology, which offers significant advantages, particularly for flexible floor connection.

Product benefits

aquatherm green pipe

& nbsp;

  • absolutely corrosion-resistant

  • Suitable for drinking water

  • high environmental compatibility

  • heat/sound insulating properties

  • high stability

  • easy processing

Product advantages

aquatherm grey pipe

  • safe and tested connection technology

  • quick assembly

  • oxygen-tight

  • pressure and temperature resistant

  • no corrosion or incrustation

  • suitable for any water quality



aquatherm green pipe



aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by welding. The plastic melts into a homogeneous, integral unit. Double material thickness at the connection point – that means double security at the otherwise critical point of a piping system. With the fusion technology from aquatherm you can quickly create a permanently tight connection!

Depending on the dimension, pipes and fittings are connected using the heating element socket welding process, the butt welding process or the electrical socket welding process.

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