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aquatherm TI

District Heating pipelines

aquatherm offers a modern PP piping solution for 4th generation district heating and other projects with operating temperatures up to 80 °C.

One Stop Shop Solution

aquatherm offers a complete solution up to DN 355 from one source:

  • Transport pipelines
  • Distribution piping
  • All types of preinsulated bends and tees
  • Shrinkable straight joints and tees
  • Electro-welded straight couplers and tees
  • Fully PP-welded house connections with pre-insulated T-pieces
  • Hot tapping of house connections with open T’s and foaming on site

Products – Solutions

aquatherm offers insulated piping systems in various pressure ratings in sizes from 32 – 355 mm.

We offer all types of preinsulated fittings for bends and tees, as well as a range of shrinkable and weldable insulating sleeves for all types of joints.

Prefabricated parts

  • Elbow 45°
  • Elbow 90°
  • T-Piece (branch)
  • Cross-over branch
  • Reducer branch
  • Reducer-cross-over branch

Self-compensating pipe system

for underground installation


aquatherm insulated PP piping systems are self-compensating during installation. They can be installed without compensation for temperature-related changes in length.
Plastics have a greater linear expansion than steel but a lower modulus of elasticity, so that only low stresses are generated in the polymer medium pipes.


  • 100% corrosion free system

  • No need for steel welders

  • Safer work, as the pipes are often connected above ground (not in the trench)

  • Less depth required in the trench

  • Less complex test procedures

  • The speed with which aquatherm PP-R can be laid reduces the installation costs of a heating network

  • The flexibility of aquatherm PP-R allows a more direct installation instead of bypassing existing pipelines and other structures

  • The weight of aquatherm PP-R is a great advantage of the system

  • Less open trench required due to faster installation

  • Significantly lower pump performance due to elimination of expansion loops and smooth inner surface compared to steel pipes

Proven environmental friendliness

aquatherm insulated PP piping systems offer significant environmental advantages over steel.

aquatherm’s technical team can provide detailed EPD and lifetime analysis for your specific project.

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