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The aquatherm TI piping system consists of pre-insulated polypropylene pipes as well as fittings and connectors. All carrier pipes, fittings and connectors used in aquatherm TI are made of the material fusiolen® PP-R/PP-RCT, insulated with PUR rigid foam and enclosed with a jacket pipe made of HDPE.

The pre-insulated aquatherm-TI pipe is primarily suitable for energy-efficient heat and cold transport. The system is the solution for many different applications to distribute heat and cold, including: District heating supply, local heating supply, district cooling supply, water distribution, refrigeration plants, biomass plants, biogas plants, geothermal energy, geothermal heat, swimming pool technology, outdoor heating, outdoor cooling, thermal water pipelines – cooling technology – connection to heat pumps – lawn heating air conditioning systems.

Structure of the aquatherm TI pipe

  1. PP-RCT
  2. PP-RCT + glass fiber
  3. PP-RCT
  4. Oxygen barrier (optional)
  5. PUR insulation
  6. PE-HD casing pipe

aquatherm TI piping systems are insulated with PUR rigid foam. aquatherm ti belongs to the rigid pipe systems, which are processed with different components (pipes and fittings) to a complete system. As with all pre-insulated systems, it consists of pre-insulated rod pipe and pre-insulated fittings and connectors. For professional and proper sheathing of joints at pipes and fittings, insulation shells made of PUR rigid foam are available for the aquatherm ti pipe systems. These are sheathed with shrink ferrules and result in an inseparable connection to the casing pipes.

  • Polyurethane foam is made from polyol and isocyanate and meets the functional requirements of DIN EN 253.
  • The foam is homogeneous with an average cell size of maximum 0.5 mm.

Our customers and partners appreciate at aquatherm TI


The medium pipes used in the aquatherm TI are convincing due to the simple but effective installation and connection technology, due to plastic welding.

Chemical resistance

aquatherm pipes and fittings are characterized by high chemical resistance. The chemical resistance of polypropylene depends on the medium and its concentration, as well as other factors such as medium temperature, pressure and ambient temperature. aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm blue pipe pipes and fittings are characterized by special chemical resistance. aquatherm green pipe connection elements with threaded inserts made of brass are not suitable for all media. Especially in industrial applications of aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm blue pipe pipes we therefore recommend the use of aquatherm green pipe flanges with flanged bushings and/or coupling fittings.

Your costs are reduced by

  • minimum trench size
  • Low weight
  • short processing times
  • Corrosion resistance from the outside and inside
  • Incrustation Resistents
  • Cost effective assembly