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Polypropylene pre-insulated piping systems



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One of the most energy-efficient methods of transporting both hot drinking water and heating and cooling water over longer distances is to use buried pipelines. In order to achieve the necessary properties for these applications, aquatherm offers the factory pre-insulated aquatherm ti pipe system with different medium pipes.

The aquatherm ti pipe systems are insulated with PUR-hard foam and enclosed with a jacket pipe made of PE.

Technical specifications


  • low weight
  • higher flow capacity
  • high stability
  • absolutely corrosion resistant
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • high impact resistance
  • low pipe roughness
  • thermal/sound insulation properties
  • very good welding properties
  • high heat stable
  • simple processing

  • Heating system construction

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration

  • Drinking water supply

  • Industrial water systems

  • Industrial plant supply

The aquatherm pipe systems are pre-insulated in the factory and are available as single pipes in the dimensions according to the table in the following versions.

  • aquatherm green pipe TI – fibre composite pipe system SDR 7,4
  • aquatherm green pipe TI – fibre composite pipe system SDR 9
  • aquatherm blue pipe OT TI – fibre composite pipe system SDR 11
  • aquatherm blue pipe TI – fibre composite pipe system SDR 17,6


Medium pipe Jacket pipe Rigid PUR foam
Outer diameter Outer diameter Thickness
32 mm 90 mm 26.00 mm
40 mm 110 mm 32.00 mm
50 mm 110 mm 27.00 mm
63 mm 125 mm 28.00 mm
75 mm 140 mm 29,50 mm
90 mm 160 mm 32.00 mm
110 mm 200 mm 41.80 mm
125 mm 225 mm 46.50 mm
160 mm 250 mm 41.10 mm
200 mm 315 mm 52.60 mm
250 mm 400 mm 68,70 mm
315 mm 450 mm 60.50 mm
355 mm 500 mm 64,70 mm


Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR) aquatherm TI is available in the following SDR sizes:

  • SDR 7.4
  • SDR 11
  • SDR 17.6

Our material Fusiolen PP-R

Decades of experience in the production and application of PP-R-piping systems and the simultaneous endeavour for continuous further development have led to numerous improvements of the aquatherm system technology. Newly developed markets are placing ever greater demands on the pipe material. Versatile fields of application demand the greatest possible independence of the processed materials. Raw materials with novel properties, which could not be achieved before, are demanded. Therefore aquatherm has been developing and producing its own innovative PP-R materials for several years, which meet the global challenges in sanitary and heating engineering, in air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering, in industry and agriculture, in shipbuilding as well as in fire protection. Successful results of this research are fusiolen® PP-R, fusiolen® PP-RP, fusiolen® PP-R C and fusiolen® PP-R FS. All aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings are made of fusiolen® PP-R. This material is characterized, among other things, by its special high-heat and extraction stability. The physical and chemical properties are adapted to the special requirements of the drinking water and heating sector. Especially the good weldability and the fusion to a homogeneous unit has made the aquatherm PP-R-systems and the material fusiolen® PP-R known worldwide.

Hygienic harmlessness

According to DIN 1988 T 2, all system components that come into contact with drinking water for their intended purpose are consumer goods within the meaning of the Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Act. Plastic pipes must comply with the KTW recommendations of the “BfR” (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment).
further information

Chemical and thermal disinfection

In contrast to the disinfection of drinking water, system disinfection is a discontinuous measure that covers a drinking water installation from the point of contamination to the consumer’s tapping point. In general, disinfection should only be applied for a limited period of time in the event of proven contamination of a drinking water installation. further information

Fire protection

The aquatherm PP-R pipe systems fulfil the requirements of the building material class B 2 DIN 4102 (normal inflammable). Compared to natural materials such as wood, cork or wool, they do not exhibit increased fire gas toxicity. This means that no dioxin is produced during incineration. further information


The following laws, regulations, directives and standards must be considered when planning and executing aquatherm sanitary and heating installations. further information

Fibre composite pipe

By the manufacturing process developed by aquatherm the integration of a special fibre mixture within the material polypropylene is realized.

The result of this innovative technology is the unique direct composite of the material components.


  • the linear expansion is reduced by 75 % compared to conventional PP pipes
  • the flow rate is increased by 20 % with the same load capacity due to thinner wall thicknesses
  • high stability
  • the coefficient of linear expansion is almost identical to that of metallic pipelines, so that, compared to all-plastic pipes, support spacing can be increased and fastening clamps can be dispensed with
  • optimal price/performance comparison
  • lighter in weight
  • high impact resistance
  • simply cut and weld