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Real added value for the customer


New video series “aquatherm Tutorials” offers insights into the processing of aquatherm systems


With the new video series “aquatherm Tutorials” we offer our customers a real added value: The processing of the aquatherm products is explained in short and concise animated moving pictures. The series starts with the welding videos of the three product groups aquatherm blue pipe, aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm red pipe.

The bilingual (German/English), one to three minute clips show the processing of the pipe systems aquatherm blue pipe for heating and plant construction, aquatherm green pipe for the drinking water sector and aquatherm red pipe as sprinkler pipe. How can socket welding be carried out professionally? What has to be considered when processing an oxygen-tight pipe? When is an “electric pulling device” used? These and other questions are answered in the new videos. The service is particularly helpful for the fabricator, who can find a lot of information here in a short time. The individual steps are presented in detail, the clear pictures make the processing procedures easy to understand.

The videos can be found with a few clicks: either on the respective product pages for aquatherm blue pipe, aquatherm green pipe or aquatherm red pipe or on the YouTube channel of aquatherm GmbH. Here, in addition to the new tutorials, there are many other videos on the products and services of the world’s leading manufacturer of polypropylene piping systems. Among others, tutorials of the surface heating and cooling system aquatherm black system can be found here.


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In the new video series “aquatherm Tutorials” the company informs about the processing of the products aquatherm blue pipe, aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm red pipe. Photo: aquatherm GmbH

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