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Connection technology

Depending on the type of register, the individual elements are connected to each other or to the pipe either by welding or plug-in connection.

Welding: In heated-tool socket welding, the joint parts are heated; the plastic fuses to form a materially bonded and inseparable joint. Double material thickness at the connection point – this means double safety at the otherwise critical point of a piping system. With the fusion technique of aquatherm you quickly create a permanently tight connection!

Plug connection: the quick connectors are easy and safe to use. The registers are provided with plug-in sockets over which the connector is plugged in as far as it will go. The retaining ring of the push-in connector has stainless steel teeth and holds it firmly in the connector. The two integrated O-rings create a tight connection. Retaining ring and O-ring are held in position by a brass circlip.

Installation videos aquatherm black system

Ceiling mounting

1. wooden substructure

The aquatherm black system heating-cooling coils are mounted between the supporting battens of the substructure. After that, the ceiling is covered with plasterboard.

2. metal substructure

The black system heating/cooling registers are installed between the supporting profiles of the substructure. After that, the ceiling is covered with plasterboard.

3. metal cassette ceiling

The aquatherm coils for heating and cooling are placed in the metal cassette. Due to the direct contact of the registers on the sheet metal or acoustic fleece, a good power transmission is guaranteed.

4. high performance modules

The aquatherm black system high performance modules can be used as heating and cooling system. Their surface temperature is only a few degrees above or below the desired room temperature.

5. ceiling plastered

The aquatherm black system registers and the connecting piping are fixed to the ceiling and then plastered. All commercially available plasters made of gypsum, lime, cement and clay are suitable for this purpose.

Wall mounting

6. Use in the shower area

aquatherm black system registers provide a comfortable warmth in the shower area. Cold radiating tiles and mould formation are a thing of the past.

7. use in drywall

When used in the wall, the aquatherm black system registers can be quickly and easily installed between the profiles or battens of the substructure. After that, the planking is made with building boards.