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Heat fusion

aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by heat fusion, which creates a homogeneous, cohesive unit with no leak paths. Heat fusion connections are stronger than the pipe itself, providing lasting safety at these critical points of a piping system. A properly executed aquatherm fusion creates a permanent leakproof connection.

1. Processing

aquatherm blue pipe

Socket welding

with manual welding machine

Safe and fast connections using socket fusion are accomplished with a manual heat fusion device for pipes with diameters of 20 to 63 mm.

Socket welding

with welding machine

aquatherm-approved heat fusion machines ensure a safe and durable connection for pipe with diameters of 50 to 125 mm.

Socket welding

Butt welding

Large pipe dimensions from 160 to 355 mm are welded with special butt welding machines.

Traction device


The aquatherm electrical welding jig facilitates the fusion of pipes with diameters of 63 to 125 mm.


Electrofusion is suitable for difficult-to-access areas in pipe dimensions of 20 to 250 mm. In this process, sockets with integrated heating wires are heated electronically and fused with the pipe.

Push-Fit Socket

Leak-free joints in just a few minutes: This is what the new aquatherm push-fit fittings offer. They provide a simple, fast and at the same time secure connection for aquatherm blue pipes in heating, cooling and industrial applications.

2. Processing

aquatherm blue pipe TI

Pre-insulated pipes

2. Saddle fusion

Branches can also be made subsequently

Abzweige in aquatherm blue pipe OT lassen sich, auch nachträglich, ganz einfach mit Einschweißsätteln herstellen. Durch den Einsatz von Einschweißsätteln reduziert sich zudem der Material- und Zeitaufwand.

3. Processing

aquatherm blue pipe TI

Preinsulated pipes

1. Socket fusion

Creating leakproof connections

Pre-insulated aquatherm blue pipe ti pipes are connected using socket fusion to form a permanently bonded unit.

2. Butt fusion

Pipe diameter 160-355 mm

Large pipe dimensions from 160 to 355 mm are welded with special butt welding machines.