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The current heating circuit manifolds as well as the associated through ball valve are replaced by a new variant of the dimension 1 1/4″ with flow meters of 0-6 l/min. The manifolds 1″ are no longer available.

40 years 1st piping system

40 years ago Gerhard Rosenberg revolutionised the piping market and at the same time laid the foundation for the entrepreneurial success of aquatherm: In 1981 he developed the world’s first weldable piping system made of the plastic polypropylene and made “fusiotherm” a great success in a short time. In his own words, Gerhard Rosenberg tells of the not so always easy path to the new system:

Online seminars in the second half of the year

In the second half of 2021, aquatherm will again be offering numerous online seminars on various topics relating to plastic piping systems.

Virtual tour

In order to be able to continue to train skilled workers from our own ranks, we are taking a new approach: we want to pick up our future trainees where they are often on the move – on their smartphone or tablet – and are relying on “Recrutainment” instead of classic recruiting.

Drinking water

Drinking water

PLANER DRINKING WATER   Hygienically impeccable quality There are no stricter quality controls for any foodstuff...

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