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Special Requirements. Special solutions.

Piping systems have to meet a wide variety of requirements. Particularly when transporting chemicals, a wide variety of specifications must be observed and a safe solution found for the most diverse applications.

Polypropylene has proven to be particularly resistant to a wide range of chemicals. With our products aquatherm blue pipe and aquatherm green pipe we offer you pipe systems which are characterized by their special chemical resistance. Both product series, which score with their high temperature resistance and pressure load capacity, are also available as insulated versions and are therefore not only suitable for underground installation but also for outdoor installation.

Our corrosion-resistant material polypropylene is resistant to many acids and alkalis, but each individual case must be tested with great care. A first orientation is provided by our overview of many common chemicals, which you can view here (link overview table, blue pipe catalogue p. 92-100). However, chemical resistance must always be considered in conjunction with other factors such as operating temperature, operating pressure or external stresses. You can obtain detailed information from our competent team of experts, who will be happy to deal with individual enquiries.

“Request chem. Resistance”

Product advantages

aquatherm blue pipe

  • high chemical resistance
  • no corrosion
  • absolute tightness over the entire service life due to fully welded system
  • no dissolving of sealing rings or glued joints
  • high volume flow rates due to dimensions up to DN 500
  • low system pressures (10 bar) make the use of fibre-reinforced polypropylene pipe possible
  • lower thermal expansion than conventional plastics (only 0.035 mm/mK)
  • more durable than steel and less expensive than stainless steel
  • environmentally friendly because recyclable
  • more favourable CO2 balance than steel or stainless steel in production

Product advantages

aquatherm green pipe


  • absolutely corrosion resistant

  • Suitable for drinking water

  • high environmental compatibility

  • thermal/sound insulation properties

  • high stability

  • simple processing

Product advantages

aquatherm TI


  • low linear expansion
  • impermeable
  • corrosion resistant
  • very good welding properties
  • high impact resistance
  • low weight
  • self-compensating
  • high intrinsic insulation value


aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by welding. In the process, the plastic fuses into a homogeneous, cohesive unit. Double material thickness at the connection point – this means double safety at the otherwise critical point of a piping system. With the fusion technique of aquatherm you quickly create a permanently tight connection!

Depending on the dimension, pipes and fittings are joined by the heating element socket welding process, the butt welding process or the electro socket welding process.