From left: Hubertus Winterberg, Marie Ting (Südwestfalen Agency GmbH), Maik Rosenberg (Chairman of the Economy for South Westphalia e.V.), Thomas Frye (Managing Director), District Administrator Karl Schneider, Andreas Wolf and Stephan Stracke (members of the Management Board), outgoing Chairman Michael Schulte Strathaus

Maik Rosenberg is the new chairman of “Wirtschaft für Südwestfalen e.V.”

Maik Rosenberg is the new chairman of “Wirtschaft für Südwestfalen e.V.”

Maik Rosenberg, entrepreneur from the Olpe district, is the new chairman of the regional marketing association “Wirtschaft für Südwestfalen”. The general meeting elected the 44-year-old on Thursday (04.07.2019) in Schmallenberg to succeed Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus. The entrepreneur from Werl did not run again for professional reasons.

The new chairman is the managing director of aquatherm GmbH from Attendorn, the world‘s leading manufacturer of piping systems made of polypropylene for plant engineering and building services. Together with his brothers Dirk and Christof, Maik Rosenberg leads the company with around 600 employees in the second generation. “South Westphalia is a strong industrial region, where mainly family businesses are the driving force,” emphasizes Maik Rosenberg. With its diversified economic structure, attractive jobs in a family environment and a livable nature area, the region offers an interesting package for specialists and executives. “Over the past few years, regional marketing has made a significant contribution to ensuring that these facts are increasingly perceived across national boundaries. With my work at the top level of the association, I want to help ensure that this process is further promoted and further anchored in the business community,” Rosenberg explains his goals as the new chairman.

Rosenberg thanked outgoing Chairman Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus for his involvement in the past four years. Schulte Strathaus has been very successful in broadening the membership base, which has more than doubled during this time.

“Wirtschaft für Südwestfalen e.V.” is the largest shareholder of “Südwestfalen Agentur GmbH” with a capital share of 37.5 percent. This year, the association contributes more than half a million euros to the financing of regional marketing and has a significant influence on the conceptual content. According to the Chairman Maik Rosenberg will also hold the chair of the regional marketing committee and be represented on the supervisory board of Südwestfalen Agentur GmbH.

High quality meets ecology: aquatherm black system was awarded the “Plus X Award”

A product from aquatherm received a very special award: The aquatherm black system surface heating and cooling system was honored with the ”Plus X Award 2019“

The system won the award in the sanitary and climate sector for a total of four outstanding features: high quality, design, ease of use and ecology. Among other things, the jury‘s statement states: ”The aquatherm black system surface heating and cooling system creates a pleasant room climate without disturbing drafts. Depending on the chosen water temperature, this technology can either be heated or cooled. ”For this purpose, the surface temperature of the black heating and cooling elements made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene is driven a few degrees above or below the desired room temperature as required. This ensures a rapid radiation exchange, which causes a pleasant warmth or coolness without raising dust.

The flexibility of the system was another reason that convinced the jury: ”The high-quality aquatherm black system can be easily installed in walls, floors and ceilings, even retrofitting is possible. In addition, the system is very energy efficient. ”In addition, the jury praised the automatic and silent switching from heating to cooling mode. Another important advantage of the system is that the register elements have a low weight of about 4.1 kg / m² including water filling and are already being produced object-specifically in the main plant of the aquatherm group of companies in Attendorn. This allowed a quick installation on site.

”We are very happy about the award for our aquatherm black system“, explains Dirk Rosenberg, together with his -brothers Maik and Christof managing director of aquatherm. ”It is an incentive for us to continue to focus our work on the development of innovative products.“

With an international and independent panel of experts from 80 industries, 23 strategic partners and more than 700 participating, international brands, the ”Plus X Award“ is today the world‘s largest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. He distinguishes brands for the quality and innovation advantage of their products. The innovation prize was initiated as a project to protect and strengthen the brand and trade, as well as to improve the orientation of the end consumer, and in 2019 will be in its 16th year of existence.

Innovative building technology in historical masonry

2T is a special place. You can tell that already, if you take a first look at the ­approximately 100-year-old building complex on the edge of the 20,000-inhabitant town of Lindlar (Germany).

2T is a special place. You can tell that already, if you take a first look at the -approximately 100-year-old building complex on the edge of the 20,000-inhabitant town of Lindlar (Germany). The red brick buildings mixed with half-timbering give an idea that a piece of history is at home here. The approximately 24,000 square meter complex with its historic walls, however, is equipped inside with the latest building technology.

In addition to facilities for meetings, seminars and celebrations include the buildings that formerly housed a paper mill, now a craft beer brewery, in winter an ice skating rink and a climbing and bouldering hall. The new energy system, which mainly uses sun and air to generate heat and cold, was planned and realized by Metternich Haustechnik GmbH. The centerpiece is an ice energy storage system by Viessmann.

The supply to the ice energy storage system as well as the piping in the entire technical center was carried out with 200mm aquatherm blue pipe. The physical properties of the pipe made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene are tailored to the specific needs of the heating and cooling sector. It is characterized by its high temperature and pressure resistance. In addition, the exceptionally good welding properties and the fusion result in a homogeneous and cohesive unit, so that maximum safety and durability is achieved.

These advantages are also reflected in the skating rink of the 2T: A Tichelmann distributor made of aquatherm blue pipe with a total pipe length of around 70 meters and over 14,000 meters of aquatherm blue pipe coiled pipe ensures smooth operation of the mobile Ice surface is possible.

In addition, a very special heating and cooling technology is used in the climbing and bouldering hall: aquatherm black system. As soon as you enter the hall, you will notice the black grids in the upper area of ​​the hall walls, which – just like the aquatherm blue pipe – are the only ones made of Fusiolen® PP-R. Depending on the selected water temperature, it is either heated or cooled via the tube register. A total of 120 aquatherm black system grids with sizes between 3.5 x 0.8 meters and 6 x 1 meters were installed in various ways in the hall: in the cement screed in the floor, just below the wall plaster and as free convection. Fundamental to the decision for a partially open installation directly on the wall was the particular effectiveness of this extraordinary solution: the grids directly heat the room air, without the detour via the room envelope. The energy-saving mode of action of aquatherm black system will be reinforced by this measure.

Due to the particular effectiveness, the bouldering area opted for an open installation of the aquatherm black system heating and cooling system.

The piping in the entire technical center was carried out with aquatherm blue pipe in the dimension 200 mm.

aquatherm celebtrates great success at the fair ”China Refrigeration Exhibition“

For the second time, aquatherm participated in the three-day exhibition ”China Refrigeration Exhibition 2019“, the international exhibition for refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation technology.

This year the fair took place in Shanghai. Due to the new directive that has been in place since the beginning of the year, according to which the Chinese government wants to promote environmentally friendly and clean energy, numerous experts used the fair to inform themselves about the subject of cooling.

aquatherm not only presented its surface heating and cooling system aquatherm black system, but also presented its various product ranges that meet the requirements in the area of ​​air conditioning. At the aquatherm stand, the trade fair visitors learned all about the advantages of aquatherm products and their many years of successful use all over the world.

The second day of the fair revolved around the topic of skills shortages. How to counteract this, all interested in a symposium learned on the subject of BIM. Matthias Konze from the aquatherm location Attendorn shared his expert knowledge with the trade fair visitors. He said that the skills shortage could be offset by the BIM technology, and also presented aquatherm prefabrication. aquatherm plans and builds distributors and special components directly in its own factory according to the customer‘s specifications and sends them ready for installation anywhere in the world.

After the lecture, many experts from the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and construction came to the aquatherm booth and talked with the technical expert.

BIM-ready with aquatherm

As the leading manufacturer of PP-R pipe systems for plant engineering and building services we do not only offer high-quality products, but also first-class service.

In addition to consulting, planning, onsite instruction and training, this includes the provision of planning data as well. You will find our BIM objects in the MagiCAD cloud – Europe´s largest BIM library for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) objects. In addition, we provide all CAD data in the most common formats for piping systems calculation as a download:

As can be seen in the download area, not only the data for aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm blue pipe, but also for aquatherm black system, aquatherm red pipe and aquatherm ti are stored in the Revit format. With aquatherm black system, connection types 52, 62 and 64 are available.

Here you will also find an info flyer for aquatherm and magiCAD.

Time savings thanks to prefabrication

Heating / cooling system realized in the new wing of the central hospital on the faroe islands with aquatherm blue pipe ot

The ”Landssjúkrahúsi›“ hospital in Tórshavn is the central hospital in the Faroe Islands and is currently under reconstruction. Our onsite aquatherm partner, Demich, won the tender for the complete sanitary, air-conditioning, cooling and sprinkler system installation in the new hospital wing. The first part of the project started in November 2018.

Demich and the local planning offi ce SMJ have collaborated intensively on the execution of the project. A heating and cooling system has been designed that uses the medium of seawater on the primary side through cooling heat exchangers. On the secondary side, a water / glycol mixture supplies a total of 14 heat pumps with energy. Based on customer planning, the complete heating / cooling system was divided into 42 sections and manufactured in our prefabrication in Attendorn with aquatherm blue pipe OT in the dimensions from 40 mm to 315 mm (SDR 11). Thanks to aquatherm prefabrication, it was possible to save a lot of time on site and reduce the impact of skills shortages in the region.

The Denmark-owned Faroe Islands, which consist of a total of 18 islands, are located in the North Atlantic Ocean between the British Isles and Norway. The capital is Torshavn. The ”Landssjúkrahúsi›“ has around 850 employees, making the hospital the largest workplace in the Faroe Islands. It also has 200 beds and accepts around 9,000 patients per year.

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