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Low operating costs due to low energy consumption

Whether in the chemical industry, the textile sector, the automotive industry, in mechanical and plant engineering or in the food and beverage sector: compressed air is an important component in industrial production. The decisive factor for trouble-free and effective use as an energy source is not only the quality of the compressed air, which can be affected by impurities such as dust, oil or moisture, but also the quality of the pipe system used to convey the air to where it is needed.

With aquatherm blue pipe you get a piping system which guarantees a safe operation of your compressed air plants for decades. Whether for indoor or outdoor use: aquatherm blue pipe is characterized by its high pressure resistance. Thanks to its lower weight compared to metallic pipe systems, even compressed air pipe network installation under hall roofs with great heights is possible without any problems. The corrosion-resistant material polypropylene is particularly resistant and can even be used for compressed air that does not contain oil.

The secure, material-locking connection of the pipes, which is created by welding, prevents the escape of compressed air at the critical connection points, as can be the case with mechanical connections. This not only reduces the energy requirement, but also the operating costs.

In many branches of industry as well as in research, one works with a pressure significantly below atmospheric pressure. Below 300 millibar (mbar) absolute the vacuum range begins, for which aquatherm blue pipe is also suitable. In addition, aquatherm blue pipe can be used safely and effectively for negative pressure dirty water systems, e.g. in maritime applications. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Product advantages

aquatherm blue pipe


  • high temperature-resistance

  • high compressive strength

  • absolutely corrosion resistant

  • Resistance to chemicals

  • lower weight than metallic materials


aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by welding. In the process, the plastic fuses into a homogeneous, cohesive unit. Double material thickness at the connection point – this means double safety at the otherwise critical point of a piping system. With the fusion technique of aquatherm you quickly create a permanently tight connection!

Depending on the dimension, pipes and fittings are joined by the heating element socket welding process, the butt welding process or the electro socket welding process.