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DNV certification for use in “essential systems” in shipbuilding, among others

Products of aquatherm are allowed to be used in shipbuilding from now on in systems which are essential for the operation and safety of the ship. This is certified by the international classification society DNV with the issue of the type examination certificate TAK00001WZ.

DNV certification was preceded by a 15-month process that included three audits and six virtual meetings. In addition, numerous internal and external tests were carried out, for example bursting pressure tests on various assemblies in dimensions 250 and 450, torsion pressure tests for the calculated determination of the torsion pressure on all dimensions as well as flame propagation tests according to ASTM D635. In all these tests the aquatherm products could fulfil the requirements.

The current certificate is an extension of our certification in shipbuilding for aquatherm blue pipe MF RP. Up to now our products aquatherm blue pipe and aquatherm green pipe were only approved for “none essential systems” among others for the use in hot and cold water distribution systems. Added to this are, to a limited extent, the so-called “essential systems” on board a ship, such as main and secondary lines for bilge water and supply lines for sprinkler systems. This considerably expands the range of applications in shipbuilding.

In this context, it should be noted that there are restrictions with regard to the permitted installation locations, as thermoplastic pipe systems do not meet the requirements for fire resistance according to IMO classes L3, L2 and L1. For further details, please refer to the following tables (see below). The areas marked with “0” indicate the certified installation locations of the aquatherm products.

DNV also certifies the external pressure resistance of our pipes in shipbuilding. Based on a test report of IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH Dresden aquatherm blue pipe SDR 11 MF RP can be loaded with an external pressure of up to 7.2 bar.

Dimensions up to 450 mm are included in the certification. For further information, please contact our contact person for maritime applications, Matthias Konze, at +49 2722 950 295 or matthias.konze@aquatherm.de. The certificate can also be requested from him.

Application / Limitation of aquatherm piping systems

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