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Learning in a feel-good environment

Today educational buildings need to be designed with comfort and reliability in mind. Numerous studies show that heating and cooling is a key component of learning and the systems should be invisible and inaudible, yet effective and energy-efficient.  aquatherm black system fulfils these requirements and offers additional advantages. aquatherm offers a complete package for K-12 schools, universities and educational buildings of all types: aquatherm red pipe sprinkler piping system provides the necessary safety, aquatherm orange system plays in the field of sports underfloor heating, and aquatherm ti can be used as a supply line.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge (Tennessee), USA

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a scientific and technological laboratory located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, belonging to the United States Department of Energy. aquatherm blue pipe supplies “Titan,” the world’s fastest supercomputer for public science applications, with cooling water. Thanks to the high proportion of aquatherm prefabricated components, work was completed quickly, without any delays and with a perfect fit.

Application: refrigeration

Product: aquatherm blue pipe, prefabrication

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