Elimination of register fastening rails


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aquatherm black system: Elimination of register fastening rails

As of April 1st, the fastening rails attached to the registers of selected aquatherm black system heating and cooling registers will be omitted. Affected are registers with a width of 0.52 m and  0.56 m and a length of up to and including 1.15 m with connection type 62 (one-sided plug-in connection) or connection type 52 (two-sided plug-in connection). These register sizes basically serve the application area of metal ceiling systems.

Due to the mounting provided for standard registers by means of hold-down magnets (art. no. 0081286) or the use of the heating and cooling registers as a high-performance module with integration of heat-conducting plates (system WLT or Plug&Play), there is no need for mounting rails. Due to the resulting lower absolute installation height, advantages are achieved in terms of packaging and shipping as well as material savings.

If additional fastening is required for the above-mentioned register sizes, please refer to the “Replacement fastening rail” (Art. No. 0081506).

All other register sizes will continue to be produced with fastening rails as usual.

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