Two systems, unlimited possibilities

From comfortable warmth in the winter to pleasant coolness in the summer, with surface heating and cooling you can enjoy pleasant temperatures in every season. Surface heating products from aquatherm offer both energy-saving operation and versatility. Whether providing ceiling cooling in the office, wall heating in the living room, or underfloor heating in a renovated building, the possibilities are almost limitless. The surface heating and cooling elements, which are made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene, can be installed in drywall, in plastered ceilings, walls, or suspended panel ceilings, and are invisible once deployed.

A new technology from aquatherm allows buildings to be heated and cooled more efficiently than ever. aquatherm black system high-performance modules combine aquatherm black system grids with heat-conducting sheets and aluminiumsupporting plates. The surface bonding guarantees easy and quick installation in various ceiling systems, and the reduced-connection technology minimizes assembly times.

In addition, the aquatherm orange system provides industrial and sports floor heating that guarantees the highest level of comfort. The system offers uniform temperature distribution, pleasant heat without causing indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, rapid installation, and energy-saving operation.

Overview applications


Ceiling Metal

aquatherm black system

aquatherm black system
High-performance modules

Clamping system
> Metal insertion
> Sail

Gypsum plasterboard

aquatherm black system aquatherm black system 
High-performance modules
> Punched

Ceiling system with insertion plate

aquatherm black system aquatherm black system High-performance modules
> Metal insertion plate
> Insertion plate made of gypsum plasterboard
> Insertion plate made of mineral fibre
Ceiling system with free convection aquatherm black system
> Suspended
> Direct mounting
Wall Metal framework aquatherm black system
Wooden framework
Wooden substructure
Floor Floor aquatherm black system
Sports floor heating / Industrial surface heating aquatherm orange system

Product benefits

aquatherm black system:


  • high comfort due to radiant heat

  • no drafts

  • energy saving in operation

  • versatile

  • architectural freedom of design

  • fast installation

  • low construction height

  • suitable for retrofitting

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Product benefits

aquatherm orange system:


  • excellent creep strength even at higher temperatures

  • low friction losses

  • high flexibility

  • oxygen-tight according to DIN EN 1264 by EVOH coating

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Technical catalogue

For detailed information about aquatherm black system, please refer to the technical catalogue.

High performance modules brochure

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Technical catalogue

For detailed information about aquatherm orange system, please refer to the technical catalogue.

Industrial surface heating

Technical information: surface heating for commercial and industrial buildings

Sports floor heating system

Technical information: surface heating for sports facilities