Cost saving in numerous areas.

Whether it’s a logistics center, industrial building, hotel, residential estate, hospital, or stadium, economic efficiency is the most important criterion for a new building or renovation. This applies both to the construction of the building in the short term and its long-term operation. aquatherm products are ideal for potable water, fire protection sprinkler systems, heating and air conditioning systems, refrigeration, and also as radiant heating and cooling systems. In fact, our highly efficient radiant surface heating and cooling system can help ensure cost-saving operation for years to come. aquatherm products are characterized by outstanding environmental compatibility, corrosion resistance, recyclability, and longevity. And our prefabrication services can reduce costs by significantly reducing construction time.

aquatherm green pipe

The all-rounder

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aquatherm blue pipe

The specialist

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aquatherm red pipe

Sprinkler system made of PP-R

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aquatherm lilac pipe

Good for the environment and the wallet

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aquatherm TI

Pre-insolated pipe systems

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aquatherm Prefabrication

Planning and fabrication of manifolds and special components

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aquatherm black system

The modern way of heating & cooling

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aquatherm orange system

The classic from aquatherm

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aquatherm grey pipe

Fast connection for small dimensions

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Technical catalogue

For detailed information about our products, please refer to the technical catalogue.

Pipe friction loss

Further information about the friction loss of our PP-R piping systems is available below.

Technical catalogue

For detailed information about aquatherm blue pipe, please refer to the technical catalogue.