Products classified according to ETIM 8.0


aquatherm Products classified according to ETIM 8.0

Our products are now classified according to ETIM 8.0. For planners and architects, the search for aquatherm products is thus significantly simplified and our piping systems and fittings are easier to find even in large databases. Especially in the context of BIM, this is a great advantage.

ETIM is a freely available standard for article classification, which enables the uniform and clear description of article properties internationally. Quality product master data is very important for successful sales and customer service. The search mechanisms in customer stores, for example, only work as well as the product data allows. This is where the classification standard ETIM comes in, which allows a clearly structured presentation of the product master data together with a classification into product classes including defined characteristics.

A total of 3849 aquatherm articles are now stored in ETIM 8.0. This required 114,845 characteristics to be deposited. Since our aquatherm black system registers and high performance modules could not be assigned to any product class, two new classes are specially created for us as an ETIM member. We are thus taking on a pioneering role.

The ETIM data is published in the article master data that we provide to our customers in the currently valid data quality guideline (DQR 7.0).