Plant technician SHK

As a plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology, you are the expert in our company for all questions relating to heating and warmth.

Electronics technician for operating technology

As an electronics technician for operating technology, you will be found wherever our operating and production systems are in use.

Warehouse logistics specialist

As a warehouse logistics specialist, you ensure that our company is supplied with all the goods it needs.

Industrial mechanic

Industrial mechanics are responsible for the assembly, modification and maintenance of all extrusion lines, packaging and injection moulding machines.

Information technology clerk

As an IT specialist, you are our specialist for all aspects of IT systems.

Technical product designer

In order for the individual components of our systems to be manufactured and assembled in production with dimensional accuracy, we require exact technical drawings.

Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology

We produce all moulded workpieces and finished parts made of plastic using injection moulding.


Manufacture tools, jigs or moulds for our injection moulding and extrusion machines.

Cutting machine operator

In the specialist area of automatic lathe systems, our cutting machine operators use metal-cutting processes to manufacture metal components for our products.

FAQs about training at aquatherm

Your questions, our answers.

There are some questions about training that come up again and again. To make it easier for you, we have collected the most frequently asked questions here – of course with the appropriate answers. And if you would like to know more: Your contact person Denise Niedzwiecki will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.

Questions about the application procedure

When is the best time to apply? Is there an application deadline?
First of all: There is no official application deadline at aquatherm. At the beginning of the year, however, future training needs are clarified internally, so that we often advertise the training positions for the coming year as early as spring. During this time we also have the first get-to-know-you conversations. If you are interested in an apprenticeship with us, it is best to find out about the upcoming apprenticeship offers as early as possible.
Can I also apply for several apprenticeships?
Of course, you can apply for several apprenticeships that match your interests and skills.
What should my application contain?

Your application should include a cover letter and a curriculum vitae in table form, giving us an overview of your school and practical experience, special qualifications, skills and hobbies. In addition, we need a copy of your last three school reports and your internship certificates. We are also happy to receive an authentic application photo.

How does the online application work?
You can find our currently open apprenticeship positions in our application portal. If you would like to apply for one of the offers, click on the “Apply” button, which you will find in every job advertisement. Please complete your online application in the following steps. You will then receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt by e-mail.
What is the selection procedure?

If your application documents have convinced us, you will receive an invitation to a personal interview, combined with a one-hour recruitment test. There you should present yourself as you are! Questions from your side are explicitly welcome. If you are able to convince us of your abilities in both areas, you will receive a contract offer from us – and we look forward to welcoming you to aquatherm as a trainee.

What does the recruitment test involve?
  • General knowledge
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Logical thinking and
  • a technical or a commercial area/economy
How can I prepare for the get-to-know-you interview?

On our website you will find everything you need to know about our products, our corporate values and culture, the subject of training and the individual apprenticeships. To get to know us, we recommend that you have a good knowledge of the job description with the respective job requirements and activities, so that you can ask specific questions if necessary.

Questions about practical training

Do I have the possibility to do an internship at aquatherm before the apprenticeship?
We will gladly try to make it possible for you to do an internship with us. This is always done in consultation with the respective specialist departments. Feel free to ask us about this during the introductory meeting!
When does the training start?
As a rule, all our apprenticeships start on 1 August.
How long does the training at aquatherm last?
The training lasts between two and three and a half years, depending on the occupation and the school-leaving qualification. You can find the exact duration of training in the individual job descriptions.
What are my working hours as a trainee?
Trainees have a 37-hour or 40-hour week, depending on the department. You will find out more in the introductory conversation.
How many days of vacation do I have per year?
Trainees, just like all other employees, have 30 days of vacation per year. If you start or stop within a year, your vacation days will be calculated on a pro rata basis.
How long is the probationary period?
The probationary period is 4 months for all trainees.
How much is the training allowance?

All trainees receive the same level of remuneration. This depends on your weekly working hours and the apprenticeship year you are in.

Currently (as of 01.08.2021) it is:

  1. Apprenticeship year: 985.00 € (37 hours) or 1,064.53 € (40 hours)
  2. Apprenticeship year: 1,040.00 € (37 hours) or 1,130.00 € (40 hours)
  3. Apprenticeship year: 1,125.00 € (37 hours) or 1,215.00 € (40 hours)
  4. Year of apprenticeship: 1.200,00 € (37 hours) resp. 1.300,00 € (40 hours)

In addition, you will receive holiday pay and an annual bonus.

Can I shorten my training?
In general, yes, this depends primarily on your professional and academic achievements. Depending on your school-leaving qualification and/or particularly good performance during your training, the training period can be shortened by up to 6 months.

Cooperation and benefits

What are the chances of being taken on by aquatherm?
In principle, we train according to demand. This means that every trainee has the opportunity to be taken on. Our goal is to take on all trainees who show commitment and convince us with their performance. This is also shown by the takeover rates of recent years: around 99 percent of trainees were retained by the company after their training. We continue to pursue this goal.
Does aquatherm offer me any other advantages apart from the training allowance?

In addition to the training allowance, we offer our trainees a whole range of attractive additional benefits: Just like all other employees, trainees receive a travel allowance from the 11th kilometre for the single, shortest journey between home and work. We will also reimburse your travel costs from your home to the vocational school. With the offer of a company pension scheme we help you to provide for your old age.

aquatherm also includes you in the protection of the aquatherm accident insurance when you take up employment. So you are always well protected at work and in your private life. Furthermore, we provide all commercial employees with appropriate company and safety clothing. From the third year of their apprenticeship, our trainees receive a monthly turnover bonus. Furthermore, the following also applies to our trainees: all overtime hours are recorded in your personal time account . This can be paid out to you or converted into a plus of free time.

Are there in-house training courses?
During your apprenticeship you will be trained in all topics that are important for your future profession. To this end, technical trainees have the opportunity – depending on departmental requirements – to acquire a forklift or crane driver’s license and/or to participate in a lifting platform training course. The commercial trainees already receive telephone training in their first year of training.

In addition, all trainees take part in a values and culture workshop with the management during their first weeks of training. In addition, our trainees get to know our aquatherm products even more intensively in a product training.

How do I reach aquatherm by public transport?
Admittedly, this question is not easy to answer, as there are no bus or train connections near aquatherm. If you are unable to contact us independently, we will try to help you as best we can. We will gladly put you in contact with employees from your area or a similar route. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
What do I wear to work? Is there a specific dress code?

Generally there is no dress code at aquatherm. You should dress the way you feel comfortable. The industrial trainees are provided with work clothes at the beginning of their training.

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