The aquatherm polypropylene pipe systems comply with the requirements of the fire classification B2 DIN 4102 (normal inflammable). Compared to natural products like wood, cork or wool, aquatherm polypropylene pipes do not produce any gas toxicity. In case of fire, there is no risk of dioxin emissions.

To avoid fire and smoke transmission aquatherm advises the use of fire retardant seals. The fire resistance period is the minimum period in minutes. The extent of the preventive measures depends on the type of installation. The determining of fire areas and fire classification has to be made in accordance with the law of the country. Information is given by the Planning Department and Building Control Office or the Fire Protection Representative.

Basically fire walls and ceilings with pipe passages have to be installed to the same fire resistance classification. All fire protection systems with a corresponding classification are suitable for aquatherm polypropylene pipes.

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