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Tailored to special needs

When building medical practices, hospitals or nursing homes for the elderly, special needs must be taken into account. Therefore, special guidelines apply, for example in the areas of accessibility, hygiene or energy efficiency. aquatherm develops solutions together with you, which meet the requirements for a safe and efficient piping system as well as for modern architecture. With our aquatherm black system, for example, the energy-saving heating and cooling of buildings without disturbing radiators or dust whirling up succeeds. But also in the field of drinking water or pipe installations for special applications like the use of brine aquatherm has been a strong partner for many years.

Hospital AZ Delta

Roeselaere, Belgium

At the AZ Delta hospital, the focus should be on the individual. The new building, which is currently being constructed in Roeselare-Rumbeke, Belgium, some 100 kilometres from Brussels, is designed with this premise in mind in all areas. This starts with the orientation of the patient rooms, which allow a view of the unspoilt nature of West Flanders, and ends with the division of the hospital areas into clusters for different clinical pictures.

In the area of air conditioning, a particularly comfortable system is being used: On a total area of more than 24,000 square meters, which corresponds to about three and a half football fields, aquatherm black system is installed, which provides a pleasant heat and cooling without disturbing drafts, noise or dust turbulence.

Application: Surface heating and cooling

product: aquatherm black system

San Juan de Dios Hospital

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

The Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios was founded in 1949 on the island of Tenerife to treat children and victims of various diseases, especially those suffering from polio. Six years later, the San Juan de Dios Children’s Hospital was opened in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has been expanded and modernised over the years.

Within the scope of the renovation of the hospital’s engine room, manifolds and supply pipes made of aquatherm blue pipe were used. Furthermore aquatherm green pipe was used in the field of drinking water.

Applications: HVAC, drinking water

Products: aquatherm blue pipe, aquatherm green pipe

Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

Murray (Utah), USA

The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) is a clinic located in Murray, Utah, specializing in sports medicine, nutrition, biomechanics, exercise and exercise physiology. As one of the nation’s leading facilities for orthopedic care, the staff assists patients in recovering quickly from a sports injury, reaching an optimal level of athletic performance, or receiving specialized orthopedic care.

For the piping of the refrigeration plant our aquatherm blue pipe shows its advantages as a specialist for the transport of cooling and heating media in closed systems.

Application: Refrigeration systems

product: aquatherm blue pipe