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Meeting all requirements

Medical practices, hospitals, and nursing homes place special demands on the areas of accessibility, hygiene, and energy efficiency. Together with you, aquatherm develops solutions that meet all requirements for a safe and efficient piping system. With our aquatherm black system, for example, energy-efficient, cost-saving heating and cooling is achieved. And aquatherm has been a strong partner for many years in potable water applications or pipe installations for special applications such as the use of brine.


Surface heating & cooling



A climate to feel good





AZ Delta Hospital

Surface cooling


aquatherm black system


Roeselare, Belgium



So that patients, visitors and employees feel comfortable in the new hospital building, an energy-saving, easy-to-install and sustainable form of air conditioning was sought.


aquatherm black system wurde allen Anforderungen gerecht und auf über 24.000 Quadratmetern in einer Metallkassettendecke eingesetzt.


  • simple and clean installation, especially in comparison to copper or aluminum pipes
  • flexible recesses in the pipe system – for example for ceiling lamps – can be taken into account individually
  • very good cold distribution through connection with a metal cassette ceiling
In the AZ Delta hospital, Rumbeke campus, the focus should be on people. The new building, which was built in Roeselare-Rumbeke, Belgium, around 100 kilometers from Brussels, is based on this premise in all areas. This starts with the alignment of the patient rooms, which allow a view of the untouched nature of West Flanders, and ends with the division of the hospital areas into clusters for different clinical pictures. A special air conditioning system is used in the building so that patients, visitors and employees feel comfortable.

Over 24,000 square meters and thus three and a half football fields – that’s the size of the area that was covered with the aquatherm black system in the new hospital building. The black polypropylene registers ensure pleasant cooling in the warm months – and that without disturbing drafts or dust swirls. The corrosion-resistant piping system from aquatherm was built into a metal cassette ceiling in all of the 450 patient rooms; it also ensures pleasant cooling in the nurses’ rooms.

“We have been working with the system for many years,” explains Nico Van Opstaele, climate ceiling consultant at Beddeleem. Among other things, the company specializes in fixed and movable partition walls, suspended ceilings and the finishing of office buildings and was responsible for the planning and installation of -aquatherm black system at the AZ Delta hospital.

Nico Van Opstaele: “We are particularly enthusiastic about the simple and clean installation, especially in comparison to copper or aluminum pipes.” the corrosion-resistant aquatherm black system registers were already produced specifically for the building in the main plant of the aquatherm group in Attendorn, so that they only had to be inserted into the metal coffered ceilings in the building.

“The flexibility of the aquatherm black system is a further advantage for the installation”, says Nico Van Opstaele. “Recesses in the pipe system – for example in ceiling lamps – can be taken into account individually and implemented without any problems. We are also impressed by the ecological aspect. ”The material polypropylene is not only characterized by a long service life, but also by its inherently very good environmental compatibility and recyclability.

In the AZ Delta hospital, six chillers with a capacity of 1000 KW each are used and, in combination with heat exchangers, ensure that the water runs through the aquatherm black system register at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and effectively cools the patient and nurse’s rooms. A ventilation system regulates the humidity. The relatively high temperature compared to other cooling systems enables particularly energy-saving functionality. In connection with a metal cassette ceiling, the registers ensure very good cold distribution.

The aquatherm black system fits perfectly into the sustainability concept of the new hospital, which is designed to ensure that all activities are designed as energy-efficiently as possible. Among other things, the green roofs of the hospital serve as thermal insulation in winter and a heat shield in summer, a rainwater recovery system protects the valuable resource of water and LEDs ensure energy-saving lighting. Two combined heat and power plants not only generate energy, but also heat for heating and hot water, thereby reducing the use of energy and carbon dioxide emissions.

We are particularly impressed by the simple and clean installation, especially in comparison to copper or aluminium pipes.“

– Nico Van Opstaele, Air-conditioning ceiling consultant at Beddeleem

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