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Reliable quality for over 45 years

When it comes to heating and cooling, you can rely on aquatherm products – for more than 45 years. With our aquatherm black system we offer a product for many requirements: Installed as wall, ceiling or floor heating, it can be used simultaneously as a heating and cooling system. In addition, it operates in an energy-saving manner thanks to perfect control technology. Customers all over the world have been relying on the reliable quality of aquatherm orange system for industrial and sports floor heating for decades. aquatherm blue pipe is, thanks to its physical properties, adapted to the special requirements of the heating and cooling sector and is, among other things, the right choice for ice surface cooling, air-conditioned cold water or server cooling. And if you need an insulated product, for example for the piping of refrigeration or heat transfer circuits, aquatherm blue pipe ti is the right choice.

Product advantages

aquatherm black system

  • high comfort due to radiant heat
  • no draught
  • energy-efficient in operation
  • versatile
  • architectural design freedom
  • quick assembly
  • low installation height
  • Suitable for retrofitting

Product advantages

aquatherm orange system

  • safe and tested connection technology

  • quick assembly

  • oxygen-tight

  • pressure and temperature resistant

  • no corrosion or incrustation

  • suitable for any water quality

Product advantages

aquatherm blue pipe

  • high temperature-resistance
  • high compressive strength
  • absolutely corrosion resistant
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • lower weight than metallic materials
  • thinner insulation required compared to metallic pipes

Product advantages

aquatherm blue pipe TI

  • low linear expansion
  • high chemical resistance
  • corrosion resistant
  • very good welding properties
  • no dissolving of sealing rings or glued joints
  • high impact resistance
  • low weight
  • self-compensating
  • high intrinsic insulation value
  • more durable than steel and less expensive than stainless steel
  • lower CO2 footprint in production than steel or stainless steel
  • Delivery pipe up to DN 300