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Complete solution for heating applications


Are you looking for a piping system with which you can connect your radiators or surface heating systems to the heat generator? aquatherm blue pipe offers a complete solution.

Whether heat pump, oil/gas heating, pellet or solar – our system is suitable for almost every application in the field of heating piping. Thanks to its exceptionally high temperature and pressure resistance, you get a system that guarantees maximum service life thanks to its virtually leak-free connections.

Reduced efficiency and damage resulting from corrosion, which can occur in metal piping systems, are a thing of the past with aquatherm blue pipe. Our piping system consists of corrosion-resistant plastic polypropylene. It provides – in combination with aquatherm green pipe fittings – all components for the piping installation of air conditioning and heating systems.

Product benefits:


aquatherm blue pipe:

  • suitable for almost every heating piping application
  • corrosion-resistant
  • virtually leak-free connections
  • exceptionally high temperature and pressure resistance


Following the Green Game Plan

Setting out to build an environmentally friendly home, former NBA player MikeDoleac learned plenty throughout the process and benefited from having a well- rounded team. He and his family ended up with an energy efficient home that features relatively new-to-North America technologies.

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