According to DIN 1988 T2 all installation parts comingdirectly in contact with potable water are commodity goods acc. to the Law for Food and Commodity Goods. Plastic pipes have to comply with the KTW-recommendations of the Federal Public Health Department.


The hygienc suitability of the material used for the aquatherm green pipe system is independently verified through test certificates from the Hygienic Institute in Gelsenkirchen. The suitability for potable water pipes in the field of cold and hot water is confirmed by current tests.


The joining method requires no additives such as fluxes or solder. The connection is made by socket fusion.

Potable water – our most precious commodity good:

The increasing use of polypropylene in the field of foodpacking confirms the hygienic qualities of the material. This makes aquaterm green pipe the optimal packing for our most precious commodity goods – potable water.

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