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A solution for each requirement

Process water piping systems, which are used in industrial plants or to manufacture products, must meet specific requirements. aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm blue pipe are characterized by their chemical resistance and have been used for many years around the world. Our laboratory will gladly check your specific requirements.

Product benefits

aquatherm blue pipe

  • high chemical resistance
  • no corrosion
  • virtually leak-free over the entire life cycle as a fully heat-fused system
  • no dissolution of sealing rings or splices
  • high volume flows due to dimensions up to DN 500
  • low system pressures (10 bar) allow for fibre-reinforced polypropylene pipes
  • lower thermal expansion than conventional plastics (only 0.035 mm/mK)
  • more durable than steel and less expensive than stainless steel
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • more favourable CO2 balance in production than steel or stainless steel

Product benefits

aquatherm green pipe


  • corrosion resistant

  • suitable for potable water

  • environmentally friendly

  • heat / sound insulating properties

  • high stability

  • easy processing

Product benefits

aquatherm TI


  • limited thermal length expansion

  • oxygen-tight

  • corrosion-resistant

  • excellent heat fusion properties

  • high impact resistance

  • low weight

  • high natural insulation value

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