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Optimal results in difficult conditions

When constructing industrial buildings, there are many challenges to overcome. In addition to a rapid construction progress, the profitability of the building is the focus. aquatherm develops solutions for a wide variety of requirements and ensures optimum results even in difficult conditions. Thanks to our large product portfolio, we not only cover the areas of heating and cooling, potable water, compressed air and vacuum applications, but also provide our customers with local expertise in district heating and cooling, refrigeration and sprinkler piping.

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VARTA Drei Einsatzbereiche: Ein System




Products used:

aquatherm blue pipe

Place and date:

Nördlingen and Ellwangen, Germany

Completion 2020


VARTA was looking for a piping system that could be used for refrigeration piping as well as for compressed air and vacuum lines and that could be installed safely and quickly.


Old steel pipes were replaced by aquatherm blue pipe and prevent future corrosion.



  • The selection of the dimensions convinced
  • In contrast to steel pipes, incrustation and corrosion resistance
  • fully welded system, therefore absolutely tight
  • low weight facilitates ceiling mounting

“The material is excellently suited for the use of refrigeration, vacuum and compressed air lines and the selection of dimensions up to 500 mm is ideal for us.”

-Markus Egetenmeier, Head of Facility Services at VARTA
In addition to the quality of the material, the safety aspect was particularly important to VARTA. “Since it is a fully welded system, it is absolutely tight,” explains Thomas Müller, managing director of Dürr und Feil GmbH, who were commissioned to carry out the installation. In detail this means that aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected to one another by fusion. The plastic melts into a homogeneous, cohesive unit and a permanently tight connection. “In addition, the low weight compared to metallic pipe systems made our work much easier,” says Thomas Müller. “Even under the hall roofs with great heights, the pipe network installation was possible without any problems,” says the expert. Since there are no flying sparks when welding plastic, production did not have to be interrupted during assembly.

For cold distribution, among other things, a large central distributor of 3.75 meters in length was prefabricated in the aquatherm factory in Attendorn according to precise pre-planning and customer requirements. “With the prefabricated distributors and special components, we saved a lot of time, which was convenient for us in ongoing production,” says Markus Egetenmeier. The distributor was delivered to the construction site ready for installation and only had to be connected there.

Based on the positive experience, VARTA decided to use the system in other areas as well. In the meantime, not only the cooling network, but also vacuum and compressed air lines have been implemented with aquatherm blue pipe. At the production site in Nördlingen, the headquarters of VARTA Storage GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of energy storage solutions for private households and large storage applications, the company has renovated various production facilities and used aquatherm blue pipe in dimensions up to 160 mm for compressed air and vacuum.

Compressed air is an important component in industrial production. Decisive for trouble-free and effective use as an energy source is not only the quality of the compressed air, which can be influenced by impurities such as dust, oil or moisture, but also the quality of the pipe system with which the air is directed to where it is needed. The vacuum range below 300 millibars, i.e. at a pressure well below atmospheric pressure, requires special properties from the pipeline system used. “It was important to us that the pipeline system used is very pressure-resistant and dimensionally stable,” explains Markus Egetenmeier. The secure connection of the pipes prevents the air from escaping at the critical connection points, as can be the case with mechanical connections. This keeps the energy requirement and operating costs low.

In addition to the installation work that has already been completed, VARTA is planning further projects with aquatherm products.

„Das Material ist für den Einsatz der Kälte-, Vakuum- und Druckluftleitungen hervorragend geeignet und die Auswahl der Dimensionierung bis 500 mm für uns ideal.“

– Markus Egetenmeier, Leiter des Bereichs Facility Services bei VARTA

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