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Fastening technique

Fastening technique


Pipe clamps for aqautherm PP-R-pipes must be dimensioned for the external diameter of the plastic pipe.

Take care, that the fastening material does not mechanically damage the surface of the pipe (aquatherm pipe clamps Art. no.: 60516–60660).

All pipes should be fastened with only aquatherm’s green rubber compound fasteners, with expansion spacers, or other as deemed equal or approved by aquatherm and /or the project’s Hydraulic Consultant.

Basically it must be distinguished on pipe assembly, whether the fastening material is used as a fixed point or a sliding point.

Fixed points

On locating fixed points the pipelines are divided into individual sections. This avoids uncontrolled movements of the pipe.

In principle fixed points have to be measured and installed in a way, that the forces of expansion of aquatherm PP-R-pipes as well as probable additional loads are accommodated.

On using threaded rods or threaded screws the drop from the ceiling should be as short as possible. Swinging clamps should not be used as fixed points.

Basically vertical distributions can be installed. Risers do not require expansion loops, provided that fixed points are located immediately before or after a branch.

To compensate the forces arising from the linear expansion of the pipe there must be sufficient and stable clamps and mountings.

aquatherm pipe clamps meet all mentioned requirements and – when considering the following installation instructions – are perfect for fixed point installations.

Pipe clamps suited for fixed point installations

Sliding points

Sliding clamps have to allow axial pipe movements without damaging the pipe.

On locating a sliding clamp it has to be ensured that movements of the pipelines are not hindered by fittings or armatures installed next to the clamps.

aquatherm pipe clamps have an extra even and sliding surface of the sound insulation insert.

Concealed installation / Installation in ducts

Concealed installation

Concealed installations generally do not require a consideration of the expansion of aquatherm PP-R-pipes.

The insulation acc. to DIN 1988 or the EnEV (Energieeinsparverordnung) provides enough expansion space for the pipe. In the case where the expansion is greater than the room to move in the insulation, the material absorbs any stress arising from a residual expansion.

The same applies to pipes, which do not have to be insulated acc. to current regulations.

A temperature induced linear expansion is prevented by the embedding in the floor, concrete or plaster. The compressive strain and tensile stress arising from this are not critical as they are absorbed by the material itself.

Installation in ducts

Due to the different linear expansion of the aquatherm PP-R-pipes with or without stabilization, the installation of pipe branches in risers has to be made according to the selected type of pipe.

aquatherm green pipe MF (faser composite pipe)

aquatherm blue pipe MF (faser composite pipe)

The linear expansion of aquatherm faser composite pipes in vertical risers can be ignored.

The positioning of a fixed point directly before each branch-off point is sufficient. All clamps in the riser must be installed as fixed points.

In general it is possible to install risers rigidly, that means without expansion joints. This directs the expansion on the distance between the fixed points, where it is ineffective.

Make sure that the distance between two fixed points is limited to a maximum of 3.0 meters.

aquatherm green pipe

aquatherm blue pipe

aquatherm lilac pipe

The installation of risers of aquatherm pipes without stabilizing components requires a branch pipe, which is elastic enough to take the linear expansion of the riser.

This can be ensured by a favourable fixing of the riser in the duct.

An adequate large pipe liner also gives sufficient elasticity to the branchoff pipe.

Furthermore the installation of a spring leg gives the appropriate elasticity.

Open Installation

In case of open installed pipes (e.g. in the basement), excellent optical characteristics and form stability are important. aquatherm pipes for cold water and aquatherm faser composite pipes for hot water and heating plants make this possible. The coefficient (a) of linear expansion of aquatherm composite pipes is only

agreen pipe MS = 0,030 mm/mK 

agreen pipe MF = 0,035 mm/mK 

and therefore nearly identical with the linear expansion of metal pipes.

The coefficient of linear expansion of aquatherm pipes without stabilizing components is

agreen pipe = 0,150 mm/mK  

aquatherm faser composite pipes must have enough space to expand (see below). An expansion control is required for long and straight faser composite pipes (over 40 m).

aquatherm pipes without the stabilizing compound should have the expansion control after 10 m straight pipelines. The following formula, calculation examples, data-tables and diagrams help to determine the linear expansion. The difference between working temperature and maximum or minimum installation temperature is essential for the calculation of linear expansion.


Technical catalogue

For detailed information about our products, please refer to aquatherm blue pipe catalogue.

Pipe friction loss

Further information about the friction loss of our PP-R piping systems is available below.

Technical catalogue

For detailed information about our products, please refer to aquatherm blue pipe catalogue.