Gerhard Rosenberg – The Founder

Gerhard Rosenberg was born in 1940 in Grevenbrück, Sauerland. Certainly not an easy time, when he started school in 1946 with a cardboard box as a satchel and wooden shoes – 66 children attended one class at that time. After attending primary school, he graduated from secondary school in 1957. This was followed by an apprenticeship as an electrician, journeyman’s time and military service. At the beginning of 1965 he started the master school, which he finished on 01.07. as a master electrician. After working in various trade businesses, Gerhard Rosenberg ventured into self-employment and founded “aquatherm GmbH” on 17.08.1973.

The company started with two employees and the support of his wife Anne, who is still considered the good soul of aquatherm today. Initially, the idea of a warm floor was converted into a system, the aquatherm underfloor heating.

Gradually, many other ideas and improvements also resulted in the world’s first pipe system made of plastic called “fusiotherm”, which was constantly developed over time from the all-plastic pipe to the stabi composite pipe to the fibre composite pipe.

“Without my employees, who always supported me in word and deed, nothing would have come of the “aquatherm” company, which today has over 600 employees worldwide. My drive was to put my ideas into practice. I not only wanted to develop and produce, but also to sell. The contact with my customers was and still is my life in various areas. This has led to many special friendships that go beyond business. After handing over the management to our sons, I am now active in the company as an advisor and thus continue to be present in “my” company.”

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