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All important installations from a single source

The worldwide shipbuilding market has been growing steadily for many years and at the same time undergoes profound change. Freight traffic and tourism on the seas are both rising. This trend is accompanied by an increase in environmental standards. aquatherm assists you in solving emerging technical, operational, and environmental issues in maritime applications.  Through a wide range of high-quality products, integrated systems and additional technologies for the shipbuilding industry, we can help you handle all major shipboard installations, including ballast and cooling systems, ballast water purification, the transport of waste water, and hot and cold water distribution systems.  Our products will help you achieve excellent economic efficiency and a long service life.

aquatherm references

Snow Dragon 1 + 2

Jiang Nan, China

The research vessel “Snow Dragon 2”, built at the Jiang Nan shipyard in China, was designed for Antarctic expeditions. The corrosion-resistant piping system aquatherm green pipe was used for potable water, and aquatherm blue pipe for the ship’s grey and black water system. During the renovation of the sister ship “Snow Dragon 1”, aquatherm products also replaced existing metal pipes in the areas of potable water as well as grey and black water.

Applications: Trinkwasser, Grauwasser, Schwarzwasser,

Produkts: aquatherm green pipe, aquatherm blue pipe

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Maritime Applications


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