Apprenticeship Technical Product Designer

Melina U.

Melina U. – Technical Product Designer

When I was at school, I enjoyed scientific subjects the most, so I could well imagine learning my profession in this field as well. I first became aware of the training profession of technical product designer at the Olpe job fair. In the field of machine and plant design, technical product designers are responsible for designing components or complete assemblies with the help of CAD systems. A spatial imagination and a certain affinity for numbers are important for this – this profession was a great match for my personal strengths.

I then had my first contact with aquatherm at the applicant training at the vocational college in Lennestadt. Here, students have the opportunity to practise job interviews under real conditions. aquatherm offered an introductory interview for the apprenticeship as a technical product designer – of course I took advantage of this opportunity! My interview with Rebecca went really well and reinforced my desire for a career. In order to get to know the practice as well as the theory, aquatherm then offered me an internship in the design department. I really enjoyed my internship – I was even happier when I was offered the opportunity to start my apprenticeship at aquatherm at the end of my internship.

I am currently in my second year of training and am still learning new things every day. What I particularly like about my job is that I can regularly see the results of our work – and that’s a good feeling.

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