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Quick and long-lasting piping connections in a few minutes
New aquatherm push-fit fittings for aquatherm blue pipe systems

There are many ways of connecting piping systems. Push-fitting is becoming more common in the industry, and the newly developed aquatherm push-fit fittings represent a simple, fast, and reliable connection method for aquatherm blue pipe systems in heating, cooling and industrial applications.

Fast connections are the biggest advantage of the new aquatherm push-fit fittings. Thanks to the simple push-fit system, aquatherm piping systems can be connected up to 40% faster than with electrofusion socket welding. The push-fit fittings can be used in the same systems as the aquatherm blue pipe including heating, chilled water, condenser water, plant engineering or in process cooling. The tool requirement is also significantly lower. Joint assembly can be done in any weather conditions, in tight spaces such as shafts for risers or in trenches, and even under the ceiling.

The tightness of the connection is achieved by an EPDM gasket. The front profile gasket protects the mechanics of the push-fit fitting from exposure to dirt, debris and other contaminants.

After installing the aquatherm push-fit fitting, the piping system can be loaded with full pressure without waiting. For comparison: The waiting time when using electrofusion sockets can be up to two hours.

Made from the high-quality and robust material fusiolen® PP-RCT, the aquatherm push-fit fittings are designed for increased temperature resistance. This is confirmed by the test institute IMA Dresden (Germany) which tested the aquatherm push-fit fittings in connection with the aquatherm polypropylene blue pipes under changing temperatures. The thermocycle tests were carried out at 0 ° C / 20 °C (32 / 68°F) and 20 ° C / 95 °C (68 / 203°F) based on DIN EN ISO 15874. The result: the push-fit assemblies passed successfully.

The aquatherm push-fit fittings are made entirely of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials, there are no metallic components. The polypropylene push-fit fittings, combined with aquatherm piping systems, provide an extremely corrosion-resistant and leak-free system.

The product portfolio ranges from push-fit adapters and push-fit couplings to moulded and fabricated fittings in various configurations and sizes from 90 mm (3-in) to 450 mm (18-in). The new products can be combined with standard and UV aquatherm blue pipe pipes in SDR 11 and 17.6.


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