New test report on the oxygen permeability


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New test report on the oxygen permeability of aquatherm blue pipe MF-RP OT


Last year we changed our aquatherm blue pipe to the material fusiolen® PP-RCT. The reason was the increased pressure resistance of the material. On our behalf, this new pipe with an external oxygen barrier EVOH layer as well as with welded-in fittings was subjected to an oxygen tightness test at 40 °C and at 80 °C at the Materialprüfungsamt NRW (Dortmund, Germany) in accordance with DIN 4726.

The total tested length of the aquatherm blue pipe SDR 9 MF-RP OT of the dimension 32 mm was 20,65 m. A total of 24 fittings were used, 22 of which were elbows and two were transition connectors.

The measurement of the oxygen permeability at a temperature of 40°C resulted in an area-related value of 0.004 mg/(m3 x d). This was well below the permissible limit of 0.32 mg/(m3 x d) according to DIN 4726, despite the use of a large number of non-oxygen-tight fittings in relation to the total pipe length. At a temperature of 80°C, the area-related value was also well below the limit value of 3.60 mg/(m3 x d).

In summary, this means that an installation for heating, air conditioning and plant construction consisting of aquatherm blue pipe SDR 9 MF-RP OT in combination with aquatherm green pipe fittings represents an oxygen-tight system according to DIN 4726.

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