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aquatherm blue pipe system to feature increased pressure resistance

Piping products with increased pressure resistance are increasingly in demand in the heating and cooling market. aquatherm is pleased to meet this demand by announcing that aquatherm blue pipe in SDR 11 and SDR 17.6 will be converted to the material fusiolen® PP-RCT beginning April 1, 2020 and will be renamed aquatherm blue pipe MF RP. The change in material is accompanied by a new appearance: All aquatherm blue pipe products will be single-coloured blue without green stripes in the future.

The fusiolen® PP-RCT material is characterized by increased pressure resistance at higher temperatures. With this change, aquatherm blue pipe will be an even better fit for applications such as high-pressure risers, high-temperature heating and district heating, and industrial process systems.

The fusiolen® PP-RCT material will continue to weigh significantly less than steel, copper and stainless-steel pipe, thereby simplifying handling during transport, in fabrication shops and on the construction site.

fusiolen® PP-RCT is classified as a polypropylene random copolymer with increased pressure resistance in accordance with ISO 15874. It meets the most stringent international and national standards for polypropylene pressure piping. With the same outside diameter and same wall thickness, pipes made of fusiolen® PP-RCT can withstand higher pressures than PP-R pipes, especially at higher temperatures. The connection technology remains the same as it is for PP-R: aquatherm blue pipe MF RP can be heat-fused to all aquatherm green pipe fittings using the same fusion tools as PP-R pipe.

The changeover does not involve any technical changes to the tools or fusion process.

aquatherm and innovation – these two words have been inextricably linked since the company was founded. In 2012, aquatherm developed fusiolen® PP-RCT as an option for green pipe systems requiring increased pressure resistance at higher temperatures.  At that time, the new aquatherm green pipe SDR 9 MF RP pipe series was introduced. In 2016, aquatherm blue pipe SDR 9 MF RP was launched in North America based on this material and technology. This is now being expanded to include SDR 11 and SDR 17.6 globally.

The PP-RCT products are available under the name aquatherm blue pipe SDR 9 / SDR 11 / SDR 17.6 MF RP. The dimensions 20 and 25 mm are still made in SDR 7.4 and fusiolen® PP-R.

aquatherm green pipe injection moulded butt-fusion fittings ≥ 160 mm diameter and segmented fittings ≥ 315 mm diameter will also be made from fusiolen® PP-RCT in the future.

Due to the high demand for aquatherm blue pipe, the production of individual pipe variants and fittings made from the new material has already started. Therefore, mixed deliveries may occasionally occur in the next few weeks. Depending on the country and retailer it may take some time before the PP-RCT products completely replace PP-R products.

About fusiolen®: 

In 1979, aquatherm has developed its own, innovative polypropylene material fusiolen®. fusiolen® is respected worldwide for its consistency, chemical purity, and low environmental impact. Continuous research and development have led to enhanced properties as well as to new materials like fusiolen® PP-R FS and fusiolen® PP-RCT.

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