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Current information about the Corona virus (COVID-19)

The spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19) is currently affecting Europe and the world. The effects change every day. We all experience certain limitations, be it in private life or in the daily business routine. The next steps are currently decided on a day to day basis. Health systems are facing major challenges. Governments are releasing huge amounts of bailout packages.

“At aquatherm, we are carefully monitoring the current developments and do everything we can to offer our customers the usual service even in difficult times,” explains Dirk Rosenberg, together with his brothers Christof and Maik, managing director of aquatherm. “At the same time, the safety and well-being of our employees is important to us. That is why we have taken numerous internal measures.” In various production areas, the shift models have been changed so that the employees work in “closed” teams, which means that there is only very limited contact with other teams. Our training centre is currently closed. Travel activities are postponed, and appointments are moved or carried out digitally. Video conferences often replace personal internal and external meetings. All employees are sensitized and quickly implement the necessary changes in the operational processes.

We are in regular contact with our customers and partners. We discuss the current changes and adjustments to the collaboration for the next few days and find time for friendly and personal words,” Rosenberg says.

 At the present time, the entire company is still fully operational. We are still being delivered as usual by our raw material supplier. “We certainly cannot predict the developments over the next few days and weeks. Depending on the current situation, we will continuously choose the best possible solution for the entire aquatherm family. So far, aquatherm has weathered all global economic crises and has always emerged stronger. The current challenging phase will also offer opportunities and potentials for the future, which can already be predicted to some extent or will emerge in the coming weeks and months. We are still positive about the medium and long-term development. This is part of our culture and the aquatherm DNA.”

COVID-19 unites countries and people more than often before. Dirk Rosenberg: “As a community, we will deal with possible inconveniences and hope to shape the future together again soon. Our deep sympathy and great understanding go to all concerned in the world.”

 We wish you, your family and your teams all the best for this critical phase, especially health.

 If you have any questions, or require further information, please call us. We will keep you informed.

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