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New radio control system for aquatherm black system and aquatherm orange system

The new aquatherm radio control system combines smart home technology for all types of buildings. The intelligent control technology communicates via radio control between the central radio unit, the room thermostats and the radio control distributors. The system is used to control the aquatherm surface heating and cooling systems aquatherm black system and aquatherm orange system. 

The central link between the heating and cooling circuit distributor is the radio control distributor (Art. no. 94422). It enables the communication of up to six different control zones and a total of twelve actuators for individual room control. In addition, a switching output for the pump and heat generator is available via radio or cable. If there is an additional requirement, an extension (Art. no. 94423) for up to four additional zones can be attached. The desired feel-good temperature is set on one of the three existing radio room thermostats.

A distinction is made between a digital radio room thermostat with a glass touchscreen (Art. no. 94418) and a programmable radio room thermostat with an LCD display (Art. no. 94419). In the case of cooling, dew point monitoring is implemented using a room thermostat with an integrated hygrostat (Art. no. 94420) and an external NTC temperature sensor (Art. no. 94426). The control system is completed by individual radio receivers for heating and cooling (Art. no. 94424). These are used in the area of ​​zone control in the four-pipe system for controlling zone valves. The individual radio receiver and room thermostat communicate directly with each other. The use of a radio control distributor can be dispensed with here. An optional central radio unit (Art. no. 94417) enables access via smartphone or tablet. This means that the heating and cooling system can be constantly monitored and settings made.

The entire system is completed by the aquatherm heating and cooling circuit distributors. These enable the volume flows to be adjusted individually and as required via regulating valves. The distributors are delivered in a pre-assembled and ready-to-connect version on a console set with bracket and noise insulation.

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