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Working with comfort

In order to work efficiently, it is important that employees in office and administrative buildings experience an optimal indoor climate. When the requirements are high, the aquatherm black system offers noiseless and energy-saving heating and cooling of indoor spaces. Whether installed in a metal coffered ceiling or in thermally active ceiling sails, the radiant energy provides pleasant warmth or cooling without disturbing drafts or dust turbulence. For district heating and cooling as well as the piping in the technical centre of administrative and office buildings, aquatherm blue pipe is the right choice thanks to its high temperature- and pressure-resistance. Our aquatherm red pipe sprinkler piping system is characterized by its flame-retardant properties and corrosion resistance and offers a high level of safety.


Process fluids

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Banco Popular Español S.A.

Madrid, Spain

Headquartered in Madrid, the Banco Popular Español S.A. belongs to the banking group of Banco Santander. A new office was built in the San Blas district of Madrid, which offers a service area of 20,000 square meters and 100,000 square meters of office space. It also features about 1,600 parking spaces spread over four levels. The building consists of four separate office sections that combine to form a unit on the ground floor and upper floors.

Products from aquatherm were used in this new building in two areas: aquatherm green pipe was applied for potable water, and aquatherm red pipe was used for the sprinkler piping system.

Applications: potable water, fire protection

Products: aquatherm green pipe, aquatherm red pipe


Landtag Brandenburg

Potsdam, Germany

Modern inside, historical outside: The state parliament in Brandenburg, located in the centre of Potsdam, is a very special administrative building. The outer facade of the new building was designed in the style of the former city palace from the 18th century, which was destroyed in 1945. In the interior, with the plenary hall as the centrepiece, both modern design and the latest building technologies were applied.

These state-of-the-art technologies include a cooling ceiling, which ensures consistent and pleasant indoor temperature. This air conditioning system was created using aquatherm blue pipe, which also has helped ensure its smooth and trouble-free operation.

Application: refrigeration

Product: aquatherm blue pipe

Zalando Campus 

Berlin, Germany

When Zalando launched in 2008, the online shop consisted of about 100 square meters in Berlin’s Torstrasse. Today, the former start-up enterprise is a fashion giant. Zalando is currently building a huge new campus in Berlin-Friedrichshain for its employees at a cost of 140 million Euros.

The campus will provide a home for all Zalando employees — and a clear sign of the company’s commitment to Berlin. After the opening, the entire Zalando campus will provide space for more than 5,000 employees.

aquatherm red pipe is used for fire protection of the building as a sprinkler piping system. The pipes are laid directly in concrete and thus act as invisible fire protection.

Application: fire protection

Product: aquatherm red pipe

Oval office building

Limassol, Zypern

The architectural design of the Oval Office Building in Limassol (Cyprus) stands out. The shape of the building is reminiscent of the pebbly beaches that lie directly in front of it. Matching the modern design, the Oval Office Building is equipped with advanced energy- and water- saving technologies. It is the first multi-story building in Cyprus with a Class A energy efficiency certificate.

aquatherm products made an important contribution to this: aquatherm blue pipe was used for the piping in the heating and cooling plant as well as the geothermal plant including the heat exchangers. aquatherm green pipe was used for the building’s potable water.

Applications: HVAC, renewable energies, potable water

Products: aquatherm blue pipe, aquatherm green pipe


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