Plastic pipe systems (basic training part 1)


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An aquatherm online seminar with Martin Bäumer


In this course we impart knowledge about the material polypropylene, the processing of aquatherm pipe systems and the necessary tools. We offer this training as a combination course consisting of an online training for the theoretical part and a face-to-face training (course no. SP1) to deepen the knowledge with practical exercises in our training center in Attendorn. You also have the option to attend the online training only.

Part 1 (Online)
– Theoretical basics of plastics
– aquatherm-pipes: materials, properties and applications
– Comparison to steel (material properties and processing)
– Applicable rules and regulations

Part 2 (presence) see course SP1


Martin Bäumer

Target group

Processors in pipeline construction, users


90 minutes


free of charge

You will receive a certificate after completing the combination course (online and face-to-face seminar). If you only participate in the online training, you will receive a confirmation of participation from us.


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