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Hygienically impeccable quality

There are no stricter quality controls for any foodstuff than for drinking water. And rightly so, because there is no food with which we have more contact. aquatherm green pipe offers you a corrosion resistant, plasticizer free, odourless and tasteless pipe system, with which you achieve a hygienically perfect drinking water quality. The fast and secure connection technology also ensures low installation costs. aquatherm also offers you solutions when it comes to drinking water distributors, chemical and thermal disinfection, underground drinking water pipes and – in case of renovations – mixed installations.

Product advantages

aquatherm green pipe

  • absolutely corrosion resistant

  • Suitable for drinking water

  • high environmental compatibility

  • thermal/sound insulation properties

  • high stability

  • simple processing

Product advantages

aquatherm grey pipe

  • safe and tested connection technology

  • quick assembly

  • oxygen-tight

  • pressure and temperature resistant

  • no corrosion or incrustation

  • suitable for any water quality


for 40 years the material for hygienic and ecological harmlessness!



aquatherm green pipe



aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by welding. In the process, the plastic fuses into a homogeneous, cohesive unit. Double material thickness at the connection point – this means double safety at the otherwise critical point of a piping system. With the fusion technique of aquatherm you quickly create a permanently tight connection!

Depending on the dimension, pipes and fittings are joined by the heating element socket welding process, the butt welding process or the electro socket welding process.