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Hygienic. Safe. Reliable.

At best, we should not worry about our drinking water. We expect it to bubble smoothly from the local tap, with consistently high quality. However, using the right piping system is paramount. aquatherm green pipe delivers a system that you can rely on.

aquatherm green pipe meets all drinking water hygiene standards worldwide. Our polypropylene material proves its suitability for the drinking water sector not only in national and international hygiene tests, but also in microbiological testing. The material’s properties, prevent the formation of microbiological growth, eliminating a breeding ground for germs and bacteria such as Legionella. In contrast to metal piping systems, which can release hazardous heavy metals in the drinking water over their lifetime, aquatherm green pipe provides a corrosion-free, hygienic, odourless and tasteless piping system, with proven worldwide suitability for decades.

Product benefits:


aquatherm green pipe:



  • meets all drinking water hygiene requirements


  • corrosion-free pipelinesn


  • heat and sound insulating properties





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