Design and manufacture of manifolds and special components made of PP-R/PP-RP


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aquatherm prefabrication:

“Time is money” – a maxim of life that proves true every day, especially in the construction industry. The sanitary, heating and air-conditioning installations of any building project are always a time challenge, not only for architects and planners. The implementation on site then presents the executing site managers and installers with often not inconsiderable problems.

The aquatherm prefabrication offers customer specific solutions. aquatherm designs and builds manifolds and special components directly in its own factory according to the customer’s specifications and ships them ready for installation to any place in the world. All that is required is the relevant planning data, 3D drawings and/or sketches with dimensions. Subsequently, aquatherm provides a quotation including material extract and drawing. A competent team of experienced technicians is on hand to provide customers with advice and assistance.



  • fast assembly times
  • On-time delivery
  • Weight saving through use of PP-R
  • consistent quality due to industrial prefabrication
  • 100 % “Made in Germany

Advantages aquatherm prefabrication: Planning, production, service

Building owner
  • Process support from planning to commissioning
  • Service technicians provide advice and support on site
  • Development of customer specific solutions
  • Time and cost savings due to prefabrication
  • Cost transparency
  • fast, simple installation in existing systems
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • over 40 years of proven quality and experience
  • tested quality with 10 years warranty
  • Insurance cover up to 20 million euros per individual case
Architect & Consultant
  • Planning support by aquatherm design team
  • Support with plausibility and completeness checks
  • Provision of CAD and planning data
  • Detailed planning data for inspection and production release
  • 3D drawings minimize planning errors
  • early detailed planning leads to planning and cost security
  • high precision of the components due to prefabrication
  • Time saving due to prefabrication
  • many years of experience in distribution and plant engineering
Installer/Plant engineers
  • high, tested quality with 10 years warranty
  • Service technicians provide advice and support on site
  • highest accuracy due to detailed pre-planning
  • Order support and delivery by specialist wholesalers
  • no time delays due to missing parts
  • low tool expenses
  • quick extension by aquatherm saddle technology
  • Weight savings due to the use of PP-R, thus easier handling during transport and on the construction site
  • no improvising on the construction site
  • fast assembly times
  • Can be mounted in confined spaces
  • Compensating for shortages of skilled workers
Advantages of aquatherm manifolds and special components
  • consistent quality due to industrial prefabrication “Made in Germany
  • certified and quality controlled – ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 50001
  • Corrosion resistance and resistance to chemicals and aggressive media
  • Available pre-insulated
  • thinner insulation
  • UV-resistant available
  • thermal/sound insulation properties
  • oxygen-tight
  • hygienically faultless
  • Weight saving through use of PP-R
  • no silting due to corrosion products
  • low pipe roughness and high abrasion resistance
  • high impact resistance
  • tight connection of pipe and fitting by fusion technology
  • three-layer pipe structure with glass fibre reinforced middle layer
  • flame retardant according to DIN 4102-1, building material class B1
  • Recyclability
  • Longevity


Four simple steps to the finished component


1. inquiry and examination

In the beginning we need as much information as possible. A CAD drawing would be perfect, but a dimensioned hand sketch will also do. aquatherm distribution query forms help to collect the most important information quickly and in detail. The aquatherm design team checks the submitted information for plausibility and completeness. Here, the more information, the better. We are also happy to provide our customers with our article master, in common CAD formats, for their planning software. Under the following links you can download the forms directly and fill them out digitally:

2. planning and coordination

The aquatherm design team plans the manifold after the test has been completed. This is where the expertise and know-how of the system manufacturer, accumulated over four decades, flows in. The customer then receives a detailed CAD drawing for inspection and production approval. The drawing includes a CAD parts list with item number for each fitting piece. In addition, you can receive our CAD data for transfer to your existing planning data on request.

3. manufacturing

After approval, we manufacture the desired products in the prefabrication department, which is equipped with the most modern processing machines, some of which we have developed ourselves.

The 25-strong highly qualified team manufactures manifolds and special components for customers all over the world on a production area of approx. 1650 sqm. Here we assemble in an absolutely clean environment. Dirty, dusty and cold paving conditions, which are common on construction sites, thus have no influence on the final result.

Another great advantage is the time saved due to professional prefabrication. The direct access to all articles of the inventory alone makes it possible to react quickly to any particularity or eventuality and to implement it without delay. While on the construction site missing articles or defects arising during assembly lead to delays, here you can always reach into the shelves of the warehouse.

The cost of on-site installation tools, which can be quite extensive for large manifolds, is eliminated. The shortage of skilled workers is compensated. No manifold or special component leaves the aquatherm prefabrication without a passed tightness and function test. This allows us to offer a 10-year guarantee with coverage of 20 million euros per claim.

4. delivery

After successful testing and inspection of the individual assemblies, aquatherm delivers the finished manifolds or special components via wholesalers directly to the construction site. The lower weight, compared to stainless steel, steel and copper pipes, allows easier handling during transport and on the construction site. Even here aquatherm supports its customers and offers them and the executing craftsmen competent advice and support for all questions and problems. Our service technicians will of course also support you on site.