Planning and fabrication of manifolds and special components made of PP-R/PP-RP


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aquatherm Prefabrication

Time is money! That truism proves itself daily, especially in the construction industry. The sanitary, heating, and air conditioning installations of every building are often a challenge, and not only for the architects and planners: the implementation on site also can present the executing site managers with significant challenges caused by tight schedules and difficult external conditions. To address such challenges, aquatherm prefabrication offers customized solutions.

aquatherm plans and builds special components directly in its own workshop according to customer´s specifications and sends them ready for installation anywhere in the world. To start the process, only the corresponding planning data, 3D drawings and/or sketches with dimensions are required. Subsequently, aquatherm will supply a quotation including material extracts and drawings. And all along the way a competent team of experienced technicians will stand by the customer with help and advice.



  • fast assembly times
  • adherence to tight schedules
  • weight savings compared to metal pipe
  • consistent quality due to industrial prefabrication
  • 100% Made in Germany

Advantages aquatherm Prefabrication: Planning, fabrication and service

Building owner
  • Prozessunterstützung von der Planung bis zur Inbetriebnahme
  • Servicetechniker beraten und unterstützen vor Ort
  • Entwicklung kundenspezifischer Lösungen
  • Zeit- und Kostenersparnis durch Vorfertigung
  • Kostentransparenz
  • schnelle, einfache Installation in bestehende Systeme
  • Reduzierung der Stillstandzeiten
  • über 40 Jahre bewährte Qualität und Erfahrung
  • geprüfte Qualität mit 10 Jahren Garantie
  • Versicherungsdeckung bis 20 Mio. Euro pro Einzelfall
Architect & Consultant
  • Planungsunterstützung durch aquatherm Designteam
  • Unterstützung bei der Plausibilitäts- und Vollständigkeitsprüfung
  • Bereitstellung von CAD- u. Planungsdaten
  • detaillierte Planungsdaten zur Prüfung und Fertigungsfreigabe
  • 3D Zeichnungen minimieren Planungsfehler
  • frühzeitige Detailplanung führt zur Planungs- und Kostensicherheit
  • hohe Präzision der Bauteile durch Vorfertigung
  • Zeitersparnis durch Vorfertigung
  • langjährige Erfahrung im Verteiler- und Anlagenbau
Installer/Plant engineers
  • High, tested quality with a 10 years warranty
  • Support and advice of service technicians on site
  • Highest accuracy due to detailed planning
  • Order monitoring and delivery by the specialized wholesale
  • No delays due to missing parts
  • Low tooling costs
  • Rapid add-on by aquatherm saddle-technique
  • Weight reduction due to the use of PP-R, thus easier handling during transport and on site
  • No improvise on site
  • Fast installation times
  • Installation in confined spaces is possible
  • Compensation of skills shortage
Advantages of aquatherm manifolds and special components
  • gleichbleibende Qualität durch industrielle Vorfertigung „Made in Germany“
  • zertifiziert und güteüberwacht – ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 50001
  • Korrosionsbeständigkeit und Resistenz  gegenüber Chemikalien und aggressiven Medien
  • vorisoliert lieferbar
  • dünnere Isolierung
  • UV-beständig lieferbar
  • wärme-/schallisolierende Eigenschaften
  • sauerstoffdicht
  • hygienisch einwandfrei
  • Gewichtsersparnis durch Einsatz von PP-R
  • keine Verschlammung durch Korrosionsprodukte
  • geringe Rohrrauigkeit und hohe Abriebfestigkeit
  • hohe Schlagzähigkeit
  • dichte Verbindung von Rohr und Fitting durch Fusionstechnik
  • dreischichtiger Rohraufbau mit glasfaserverstärkter Mittelschicht
  • schwer entflammbar nach DIN 4102-1, Baustoffklasse B1
  • Recyclingfähigkeit
  • Langlebigkeit


Finished components in just four steps


1. Inquiry and review

At the beginning we need as much information as possible. A CAD drawing would be ideal but even just a dimensioned hand-drawn sketch would suffice. aquatherm manifold questionnaire forms help in quickly acquiring the main information in detail. The aquatherm design team checks the submitted information for plausibility and completeness. The principle here is: the more information, the better. We are also glad to provide our customers with our stocklist in conventional CAD formats for their planning software. You can download the forms directly and fill in in digital under the following links:

Manifold inquiry Sanitary

Manifold inquiry Heating/Cold

2. Planning and coordination

The aquatherm design team will plan the manifold after the review has been completed. This is where the decades of technical knowledge and expertise of the system manufacturer is incorporated. The customer subsequently receives a detailed CAD drawing for review and manufacturing release. The drawing includes a CAD parts list with item numbers for every fitting part. On top of that, if desired you will receive our CAD data for application in your existing planning data.

3. Manufacturing

After release we manufacture the desired products in the department for prefabrication, which is equipped with the latest, in part self-developed processing machines.

The 25-person, highly-qualified team manufactures manifolds and special components for customers around the world on an area of approx. 1000 sq m. Assembly is performed here in an absolutely clean environment. Dirty, dusty and cold installation conditions as are generally found at construction sites then no longer have any influence on the final result.

Another great advantage is the time savings through professional prefabrication. Even just the direct access to products in inventory facilitates fast reactions to any particularity or contingency and the ability to implement without delay. Although at the construction site missing products or defects that arise during assembly lead to delays, here it’s simply a matter of one grasp in the shelves of the warehouse.

The costs for the assembly tools at the construction site, which can be quite high for large manifolds, are omitted. The lack of skilled professionals is compensated. No manifold or special component leaves aquatherm manufacturing without having passed a leakproofness and functional test. That allows us to grant a warranty of 10 years with an overall coverage of 20 million euros per case of damage.

4. Delivery

After the individual assemblies passed the tests and checks, aquatherm delivers the finished manifolds or special components right to the construction site through wholesalers. The low weight as compared to stainless steel, steel and copper pipes facilitates simple handling during the transport and on the construction site.

Even here, aquatherm supports its customers and provides them and the executing workshops competent advice and support in all questions and problems. Our service technicians naturally also support you onsite.

Kontakt: aquatherm GmbH | Biggen 5 | 57439 Attendorn | Deutschland | Tel: +49 2722 950 0 |

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