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Centro comercial y de ocio
familiar Lagoh


Sevilla, Spain




Potable water


aquatherm green pipe
aquatherm blue pipe


The building was to achieve BREEAM certification “Very good” for sustainable construction.


aquatherm products contributed to the certification of potable water and air conditioning piping thanks to their special material properties.

aquatherm products contribute to the BREEAM certification of a shopping and leisure centre in Seville

Built in 2019, the “Centro comercial y de ocio familiar Lagoh” in Seville is much more than a shopping centre. Covering a total area of more than 100,000 square metres, the largest commercial and leisure district in the capital of the southern Spanish region of Andalusia has more than 200 shops offering everything from fashion to multimedia to household goods, as well as a 6,000 square metre lake.

The lake was designed as the centre of the complex and acts as a place for rest areas, playgrounds, viewpoints and water, light and sound shows. A generous gastronomic area offers national and international cuisine and numerous seating options with direct lake views. The design of the shopping and leisure centre goes hand in hand with the latest architectural trends. Socimi Lar Spain has invested around 260 million euros in this project. One aspect of the planning was at the forefront: respect for the environment. The building technology should meet this goal and be designed to be sustainable in order to achieve the BREEAM certification for sustainable construction. That‘s why engineering consultants JG Ingenieros and IDOM selected systems to meet BREEAM requirements.

For the distribution of potable water in the building complex and the piping of the air conditioning systems, aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm blue pipe were used. Both piping systems are made of polypropylene, which is 100 percent recyclable and thus meets the requirements of sustainable construction.

Requirements for sustainable construction met

Thanks to their resistance to corrosion, the two systems are extremely durable and will help save energy for decades, since the water flow is not affected by deposits. The secure connection technology makes the systems something special: In “fusion welding”, the pipe and fitting are briefly heated and then joined together. As a result, the plastic melts into a homogeneous, cohesive unit and offers outstanding stability at critical connection points. In addition, fusion welding is faster than many other connection methods.

The decisive factor for the planners was that the pipes and fittings are also available in large dimensions up to 630 mm. Thus, all requirements of the project could be covered.

The good availability of the material and the technical support provided by the Spanish distribution partner aquatherm iberica S.L. in Madrid were also crucial for the use of the piping systems.

Smooth operation of the air conditioning system

In order to guarantee the distribution of potable water in the building complex, a total of nine kilometres of aquatherm green pipe were installed. The hygienic, odorless and tasteless piping system guarantees the preservation of potable water quality permanently. aquatherm green pipe is not only resistant to corrosion, but physiologically and microbiologically harmless and has proven its technical suitability in decades of worldwide application.

For the piping of the fan coils, which are used throughout the building for air conditioning, the planners selected aquatherm blue pipe. Around twelve kilometres of the pipe were used to ensure the smooth operation of the air conditioning system over many decades.

Unlike steel pipes, which are often used in air-conditioning systems, and which are particularly susceptible to corrosion on the outside of the pipe, corrosion damages are a thing of the past thanks to polypropylene.

The client and planner were equally satisfied with the use of the two piping systems. They were particularly impressed with the speed of assembly and the high quality of the pipes and fittings.

With the help of aquatherm products the BREEAM rating “Very good” was achieved.

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