New technology enables significant energy savings  


Vioser S.A.


Trikala, Greece






aquatherm blue pipe



A corrosion-resistant and durable piping system was sought for the piping of a new refrigeration plant.


aquatherm blue pipe is not only incrustation and corrosion resistant, but was also chosen for its reduced thermal conductivity and very low pipe roughness, even after long operation.  

Pharmaceutical company uses aquatherm piping system for refrigeration  

The pharmaceutical company Vioser S.A. from Trikala in Greece has modernised its air conditioning technology. The aim was to adapt the system to new requirements and save energy.

For this reason, Ike Gerasimos Vasilatos and Alexandra Zaxopoulou from GVA Engineers planned a new refrigeration system in which the chillers were connected to a primary circuit and a secondary circuit distribution. The entire piping is made of aquatherm blue pipe ot. The corrosion-resistant piping system made of polypropylene, which has an oxygen barrier, scored points due to the reduced thermal conductivity of the material as well as the very low pipe roughness even after long operation. This feature ensures the protection of the metal parts of the installation and the 25 mm thick foam insulation. aquatherm blue pipe ot was used in dimensions between 50 and 250 mm, and aquatherm blue pipe without additional oxygen barrier was used up to 355 mm outer diameter. Prefabricated manifolds in dimensions up to 500 mm outer diameter accelerated the construction process.

Thanks to the new system, heat losses are avoided, and energy savings of 809,000 kWh/year – and thus financial savings of around 179,000 euros per year – are achieved (calculated on 24-hour/365 day operation).

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