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Recognition for valuable work

The Gerhard Rosenberg Foundation donated a proud 30,600 euros to a total of 34 domestic childcare facilities. The kindergartens, family centers and primary schools were selected by the aquatherm employees: they had the opportunity to suggest the facility in which their children are cared for and to express their thanks to the educators.

The foundation, which was established by aquatherm founder Gerhard Rosenberg, has not only supported aid projects all over the world since it was founded in 2008, but has its focus, among other things, in the promotion of child and youth welfare in the region. The money – a total of around 500,000 euros to date – will mainly go to recipients in the vicinity of the three German locations of the aquatherm group of companies in Attendorn, Ennest and Radeberg.

For the second time after 2016, childcare facilities were supported. „Especially in the current time when the facilities are working restrictedly due to the Corona virus, it becomes clear how valuable their work is: Now we are really aware of the exemplary and committed manner in which the educators look after the youngsters of aquatherm employees while their parents went to work and hopefully will be able to do so again in the near future, ”explains Gerhard Rosenberg. „With the donation we want to recognize this special commitment.“


The following institutions each received an amount of 900 euros:

Betreuung der Raphael Grundschule Reiste (Eslohe)

Caritas Aufwind Kindergarten (Attendorn)

CJD Kindergarten Villa Kunterbunt (Attendorn)

DRK Kindergarten Regenbogenland (Ennest)

DRK Kindergarten Biekhofen

DRK Kindertagesstätte Max und Moritz (Radeberg)

DRK Kindertagesstätte Sternenland (Attendorn)

Elternverein Ostentrop-Schönholthausen

Evangelisches Familienzentrum Mittendrin (Plettenberg)

Familienzentrum Kreuztal Mitte – Dreslers Park (Kreuztal)

Familienzentrum Panama (Finnentrop)

Familienzentrum St. Severinus Wenden

Familienzentrum und Kindergarten Pusteblume (Attendorn)

Integratives Kinderhaus Alex Wedding (Radeberg)

Kath. Kindergarten St. Barbara (Lennestadt)

Kath. Kindergarten St. Josef (Heggen)

Kath. Kindertageseinrichtung St. Augustinus (Attendorn)

Kindergarten St. Cyriakus (Olpe)

Kindergarten Elternverein Finnentrop

Kindergarten Helden

Kindergarten Rappelkiste (Attendorn)

Kindergarten Sankt Lambertus (Oberhundem)

Kindergarten Schatzkiste (Eckartshausen)

Kindergarten Zauberwald (Langenei)

Kindertagesstätte Sonnenschein (Wachau – Leppersdorf)

Kindergarten und Familienzentrum St. Martin (Attendorn)

Kirchhundemer Grundschule am Kreuzberg Offener Ganztag

Kita Am Sandberg (Radeberg)

Kita Spatzenland (Radeberg)

Leubener kleine Welle (Dresden)

Martin Luther Kindergarten (Attendorn)

Rappelkiste Bremke

Schule von acht bis eins – Gräfin-Sayn-Verbundgrundschule (Drolshagen)

St. Clemens Kindergarten (Drolshagen)


About the Gerhard Rosenberg Foundation:

The Gerhard Rosenberg Foundation is a non-profit foundation under civil law. It was founded by Gerhard and Anne Rosenberg in December 2008 and currently has a foundation stock of 3 million euros. The non-profit foundation has committed itself to the following purposes: the promotion of youth and elderly care, the promotion of popular and vocational training, the promotion of civic engagement in favour of charitable and church-related purposes, the promotion of science and research as well as the promotion of sport. The funds mainly benefit associations and institutions in the vicinity of Attendorn, Ennest and Radeberg, the German locations of the aquatherm group of companies. The recipients include the Attendorner Tafel, the Werthmann workshops in Attendorn and the St. Elisabeth Hospiz in Altenhundem. Further information on the Gerhard Rosenberg Foundation is available at

Contact: aquatherm GmbH | Biggen 5 |  57439 Attendorn Germany | Tel: +49 2722 950 0 |