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Comfort within your own four walls

The creation of efficient, sustainable housing space is becoming increasingly important. aquatherm offers customized solutions for single- or multiple-family houses or larger residential complexes.  With our aquatherm black system we have created an efficient heating and cooling system that not only offers architectural design freedom and versatility, but also provides even, consistent comfort thanks to radiant heat. When revitalizing older buildings, the system can be used with only 4 cm of suspended ceiling, including gypsum plaster board. You can rely on aquatherm products not only in the heating and cooling of buildings, but also for potable water supply and risers, piping installations of air conditioning and heating systems, sprinkler piping systems, and water conservation systems.

aquatherm References

HUF City Living

Montabaur, Germany

Unusual architecture meets state-of-the-art technology —this applies to the 44-unit HUF City Living settlement. Located in the centre of Montabaur, HUF City Living combines natural materials, advanced construction, and aesthetic transparency. Quiet yet centrally located, this exclusive residential project with energy standard KfW 55 is situated in the middle of the newly opened Aubach district.

An important component of this project is the aquatherm black system for heating and cooling. The system was installed here in both the floor and the ceiling. It ensures optimal living conditions and high efficiency.

Application: surface heating & cooling

Product: aquatherm black system

Award: BVF Award 2016

The Monument Thong Lo

Bangkok, Thailand

THE MONUMENT Thong Lo residential property in Bangkok’s hip neighbourhood of Thong Lo, offers a grandeur luxury of space. Its condominium units are equipped with the highest quality materials, and its glass façade across it’s monolithic architecture, allows a unique view of Bangkok’s skyline. An iconic design pool, inspired by the century-old trees that grace the park-like grounds of this 45-story skyscraper, makes this a true residential estate.

The building’s owners sought to use only the highest quality materials for this construction project, and that goal is reflected in the choice of the drinking water piping. Thanks to aquatherm green pipe, the residents at THE MONUMENT Thong Lo can look forward to enjoying the highest quality drinking water every day for decades to come.

Applicationpotable water

Product: aquatherm green pipe


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