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In the exclusive house building aquatherm has already made a name for itself years ago and offers with its products individual solutions for every area. With our aquatherm black system we have created an efficient heating and cooling system, which is not only versatile, but thanks to perfect control technology works energy-saving and thus keeps the running costs low. But not only for heating and cooling of buildings you can rely on aquatherm products. In the field of drinking water, piping installations of air conditioning and heating systems as well as sprinkler piping systems, you will benefit from our many years of experience.


aquatherm reference

21 Young Street
Highest quality for sophisticated living


21 Young Street
HVAC, drinking water


aquatherm blue pipe

aquatherm green pipe
aquatherm Prefabrication

London, England

Completion 2019





In the construction of the luxurious residential complex should be used the best quality materials that ensure durability and safety in installation.




aquatherm products have been selected to minimize the risk of leakage and to guarantee trouble-free operation for decades.


  • Thanks to the special material properties of polypropylene, corrosion cannot form either inside or outside the pipe.
  • This makes the systems extremely durable and energy-saving even after decades of operation.
  • Polypropylene prevents microbiological growth in the drinking water area, which provides a breeding ground for germs and bacteria

Kensington is a special place to live. In direct neighbourhood to the famous Kensington Palace and the Royal Albert Hall, the quarter is considered as an aristocratic district of London. The well-kept residential landscape with its Victorian-era buildings and facades contains numerous luxury properties, including the newly built apartment complex “21 Young Street” (, which was built with the highest quality in mind.

The demolition of a former 1960s multi-storey car park at 21 Young Street provided a rare opportunity for the developer, UK residential property company Grainger plc, to create a new building on the edge of one of London’s oldest squares. The complex was intended to blend in with the listed residential buildings around Kensington Square. Architects Assael Architecture Ltd took inspiration from the traditional mansions of Kensington Court to create an elegant brick building that extends from five to eight storeys along Young Street.

A total of 53 luxurious apartments and penthouses have been created on an area of around 80,000 square metres, complemented by a gym, a library and a private cinema. Only the highest quality materials were used, such as Carrara marble in the bathrooms, special woods or exquisite Fortuny fabrics. In collaboration with jewellery designer Shaun Leane, who is best known for his sculptures designed for fashion designer Alexander McQueen, filigree metalwork was created on the balustrades and gates: bronze leaves that seem to blow in the wind. A special feature is also the inner courtyard, which can be used for relaxation or business meetings. An underground car park completes the complex.



The building services engineering should also meet the highest demands of the client. Hoare Lea’s specialist designers had originally envisaged steel and copper systems for the pipework. Following a recommendation from the installation company Greenside Integrated Services Limited, who had had very good experience with aquatherm systems in a previous project, the decision was made to use aquatherm products made from the high quality plastic polypropylene instead of copper and steel. Especially the joining technique learned in a training offered by aquatherm convinced the installers: In “fusion welding” pipe and fitting are briefly heated and then joined together. As a result, the plastic fuses into a homogeneous, materially bonded unit and is extremely stable at the connection point, which is critical with other systems. This minimizes the risk of leaks that can lead to expensive remediation. A quick assembly is guaranteed.

Thanks to the special material properties of polypropylene, corrosion cannot form either inside or outside the pipe. This makes the systems extremely durable and energy-saving even after decades, as the water flow is not impaired by deposits.


Altogether about 25,000 meters of aquatherm pipes in the dimensions from 20 to 125 mm were laid from the technical room to the apartments. In order to transport drinking water in a hygienically perfect quality for decades, aquatherm green pipe was installed. In contrast to metal piping systems, which can release heavy metals that are problematic to health into the drinking water over the course of their service life, the quality of the drinking water is permanently maintained with this odourless and tasteless piping system. Thanks to its special material properties, polypropylene prevents microbiological growth, which provides a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

For the heating, cooling and condenser pipes aquatherm blue pipe was installed. The physical properties of the plastic are adapted to the special requirements of the heating and cooling sector. It is characterized by its high temperature and pressure resistance. A special service ensured a quick installation: Thanks to prefabricated manifolds, which were already assembled in the aquatherm factory and subsequently delivered to the construction site ready for installation, the Greenside installers saved a lot of time.

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