Technical product designer


Sabrina – Technical Product Designer

As my last name suggests, I have Italian roots. I was born in Germany, where I spent most of my life. As a teenager, however, I lived in Italy for four years. That’s why I have an Italian school leaving certificate as well as a German one.

I have always found technology exciting. That’s why I wanted to do a 1-year basic vocational school year in metalworking. Since the maximum class size had already been reached, I decided to study painting and varnishing. After a voluntary social year, I completed the 3.5-year apprenticeship as a tool mechanic. As soon as I had my journeyman’s certificate in my pocket, I started my training as a technical product designer at aquatherm on 1 February 2016. So I have remained true to technology; instead of lathes and milling machines, the computer is now my daily tool. In close coordination with the extrusion, injection moulding and toolmaking departments, I create 3D designs and drawings of our products and tools.

I still like to think back to my first days at aquatherm. Whether it was the personal welcome with a bouquet of flowers by the management, the tour of the company or the workshop on the values and vision of aquatherm – all this meant that I felt well received right from the start.

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