Shaping the future together – Employee survey 2021

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Shaping the future together – Employee survey 2021

In order to find out what concerns our aquatherm employees, we have initiated an employee survey in close cooperation with our works council. For this purpose, a project team from various departments developed ten categories with different questions that deal with our aquatherm culture and values.
More than 300 aquatherm employees and thus 70 % of all colleagues participated in the survey. The results are positive in many areas: for example, very high approval ratings were achieved in the categories “Community Thinking”, “Safety & Health”, “Quality” and “Environmental Protection”. We have listed the detailed results here:

Values, Vision & Strategy

Our employees were asked whether they live and experience the aquatherm values, whether our company goals are clearly recognizable and whether we are modern and future-oriented towards them.



Diagram MAB 2021 - Consent

Employee satisfaction

We asked our employees if they had confidence in us. How they assess the working atmosphere and how they interact with each other. We also wanted to know whether they were satisfied with the work situation and whether they would recommend us as an employer.



MAB 2021 Satisfaction Survey Results

Freedom & Responsibility

Do our employees experience responsibility and trust in themselves and are they also given freedom to an appropriate degree? Are mistakes seen as an opportunity and are employees’ opinions taken seriously?



Survey results MAB 2021 Freedom and Responsibility


In the area of communication, our employees gave their opinion on whether we design our communication in a comprehensive and understandable way. They also indicated how information flows between departments and whether we openly seek solutions.

MAB 2021 Communication Survey

Commitment & Reliability

We asked our employees about their experiences, whether what is said is then done. Can our colleagues rely on agreements and are our managers role models?



Employee proximity

The closeness between manager and employee is important to us. Employees can develop through appreciation, demands and encouragement.



Community Thinking

Are we pulling together? We wanted to know from our colleagues whether they also feel that there is good and respectful cooperation. Is it natural for us to ask for help and receive it?



Health & Safety

Are our colleagues healthy? Can they rely on the fact that safety and health are also a high priority for managers? Finally, good and safe equipment is also part of the daily work at aqutherm.




Do our employees agree with our quality standards? Are they aware of the objectives and do colleagues want to be involved in achieving the quality objectives?



Environment & Energy

Environmental protection is important to us. We asked our employees if they are aware of aquatherm’s environmental goals and if they help to achieve them.