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Invisible protection

To ensure effective fire protection, a sprinkler system is often indispensable, whether in industrial or commercial buildings, hotels or stadiums. aquatherm red pipe is a plastic sprinkler pipe system with very special material properties: It is flame retardant (building material class B1), corrosion resistant and offers maximum safety thanks to the welding of pipe and fitting. Compared to metallic pipes aquatherm red pipe has a considerably lower weight. Ready-to-install components shorten installation times, and installation in concrete enables invisible and space-saving fire protection. Of course aquatherm red pipe is VdS and IBS certified.

Product advantages

aquatherm red pipe


  • low weight compared to metal piping
  • Corrosion resistance and resistance to chemicals
  • short processing time
  • tight connection of pipe and fitting by fusion technology
  • no seal: sealing elements are not required
  • invisible fire protection
  • prefabricated components
  • architectural design freedom


aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by welding. In the process, the plastic fuses into a homogeneous, cohesive unit. Double material thickness at the connection point – this means double safety at the otherwise critical point of a piping system. With the fusion technique of aquatherm you quickly create a permanently tight connection!

Depending on the dimension, pipes and fittings are joined by the heating element socket welding process, the butt welding process or the electro socket welding process.


In Germany aquatherm red pipe is approved for installation in concrete. Casting the pipes and fittings in concrete offers the builder and architect a space-saving, non-visible and corrosion-proof piping system for sprinkler applications.


Technical catalog

For further information please refer to our aquatherm red pipe catalogue.