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Invisible protection

In order to ensure effective fire protection, a sprinkler system is often indispensable, whether in industrial or commercial construction, hotels, or stadiums. aquatherm red pipe is designed for sprinkler piping systems. It is flame-retardant (building material class B1), corrosion-resistant, and offers maximum safety thanks to the fusion of pipe and fitting. Compared to metallic pipes aquatherm red pipe has a much lower weight. Ready-to-install components reduce installation times, and installation in concrete enables invisible and space-saving fire protection. Of course, aquatherm red pipe holds approval certificates of the major certification societies.

Product benefits

aquatherm red pipe


  • low weight compared to metal piping

  • resistant to corrosion and chemicals

  • fast installation

  • heat fusion creates virtually leak-free connections

  • sealing elements are not needed

  • invisible fire protection when installed in concrete

  • prefabricated components reduce installation time

  • architectural freedom of design


aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected by heat fusion, which creates a homogeneous, cohesive unit with no leak paths. Heat fusion connections are stronger than the pipe itself, providing lasting safety at these critical points of a piping system. A properly executed aquatherm fusion creates a permanent leakproof connection.


Depending on local regulations, aquatherm red pipe can be laid freely or in concrete. The encasing of pipes and fittings in concrete offers the building owner and architect a space-saving, invisible, and corrosion-proof piping system for fire protection.


Technical catalogue

For detailed information about aquatherm blue pipe, please refer to the technical catalogue.

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